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thomas kennedyIn the past, stakeholders not familiar with project management see it as a bunch of paperwork that gets in the way of getting things done. Now, the general opinion has significantly changed. Unless an organization is practicing some kind of PM methodology, it will have very slim chances of accomplishing anything of value. The business landscape has changed and is constantly shifting due to a variety of global and market influences. In these times of social media connection, professionals and organizations are always looking for guidance and clarification about the latest and the relevant in the field of project management. One such person providing guidance and coaching is Thomas Kennedy, the PM Coach.

Introducing Thomas Kennedy, PMP

Thomas Kennedy received his Certificate in Project Management from the University of Phoenix, and a Bachelor of Science in Business from Colorado State University. He is a certified Project Management Professional and has years of experience in performing various senior management roles in several industries. He has helped organizations and companies as he performed business analysis, IT project management, and program management functions. Thomas has successfully headed a project where more than 6000 Lotus Notes users from several countries in different continents were migrated to Office 365 Mail cloud services.

Social Media Personality, PM Blogger

A site that covers a variety of topics in the management field posted an article that lists the top 100 management experts on Twitter. Thomas Kennedy was included under the category of project management, along with Jim Highsmith, Elizabeth Harrin, Peter Taylor, Susanne Madsen and Ron Rosenhead. Thomas has posted articles on his PM Coach site since 2011. He has shared a wealth of tips, guides and advice over the years to fellow PM professionals who asked questions as well as shared experiences, as they all search for answers and best practices in advancing the PM profession to its current state.


Project Management Coach, Lifelong Learner

A coach helps his or her clients the most when they learn more about themselves. As they learn about themselves, they identify their strengths and weaknesses, their current status, where they are able to move forward and where they are hindered. As a PM coach, Thomas wrote articles that provided his readers with tips and tricks and enabled them to improve their performance. As an excellent communicator, he wrote about 5 tips for improving project communication, where he itemized the importance of defining meeting objectives, inviting the right people, and encouraging participation, among others.

Helping Others Grow in the PM Profession

Thomas Kennedy is an advocate of continuous learning, and great learning comes from experience that he unselfishly shares with others. He has wrote about various topics, and among the most popular are about managing project baseline changes, stakeholder management, PM certification, and the impact of organizational change. Much of the thoughts, ideas and examples he has shared all come from his own professional experience, which benefits greatly his readers. In his article 5 PM Secrets that You Can Use, item 2 states that one does not have to know all the answers to lead. It is because people like Thomas are ready to pitch in and share some of the answers that he himself has discovered in his PM journey. See what Thomas is posting nowadays on Twitter, or contact him through his LinkedIn page.

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