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six-sigma-logoThe Six Sigma Handbook, Fourth Edition is the book that contains all the latest developments in the Six Sigma approach. It reveals how to become successful in the implementation of this strategy in the business. The book explains the methods to deploy and define the Six Sigma projects that are focussed on key stakeholder requirements as well as carry out the data driven management. It helps the reader to walk through the phases of DEMAIC as well as DMADV along with the demonstration of the methods to use statistical tools and problem solving techniques of Six Sigma with the help of screenshots of Minitab and Excel applications.

Book Details

This fourth edition of The Six Sigma Handbook that comes in hardcover is almost 2 inches thick. It consists of 608 pages and was published on 22nd April, 2014 by McGraw – Hill Professional. It consists of the most recent developments in the Six Sigma approach. The front cover sports the tagline “A complete guide for green belts, black belts, and managers at all levels”. ISBN-10: 0071840530; ISBN-13: 978-0071840538.


$91.63 for the book edition and $87.05 for the Kindle edition


Target Audience

The Six Sigma Handbook, Fourth Audition is the book that is meant for project managers, project team members or the project stakeholders who intends to utilize the Six Sigma approach to bring about improvement in the business. It is for any regular person who has been, is presently or will be involved in any type of projects that can utilize the benefits of this approach. It is important for those who are simply interested to know about the Six Sigma approach and the methodologies under this approach so that they can apply it to realize the promoted benefits.

What Customers Say

ChicagoTrains (Amazon) is of the view that this book is an in-depth guide to the concepts of Six Sigma approach. It is a great one for those who are taking the ASQ Green or Black Belt tests.

Lillian Dikovitsky (Amazon) says that this book provides a very in depth reference for green belts or black belts. It consists of lots of examples and at the same time includes online quizzes that help a lot if you are looking at a certification. It provides with number of links to several videos. You will get everything you need for the implementation of Six Sigma.

Content, Approach, Style

The Six Sigma Handbook, Fourth Edition contains all the guidance that is required by you to become successful in implementing the Six Sigma. It consists of the methods of building the responsive Six Sigma organization, recognizing and capitalizing on opportunity, the data driven management, ways to maximize resources, and project management by using DMAIC and DMADV. Besides these, the define phase, the measure phase, process behaviour charts, measurement systems evaluation, the analyze phase, improve or design phase along with the control or verify phases are also covered in it.

With this book you will be able to find out how to select the right personnel to train, achieve technical proficiency, and build the best possible teams as well as foster effective leadership. This definitive guide to Six Sigma approach will help you to improve the process and products in your organization, increase the satisfaction level of the customer and eventually boost the profits.

Why Buy the Book

The Six Sigma Handbook provides detailed knowledge of the Six Sigma approach. This edition consists of two online quizzes for the Sigma certification. Among these two quizzes, one is for the Green Belt candidates and the other one is for the Black Belt candidates. There are links of five videos that enable the reader to walk through specific processes, like the Minitab functions, statistical process control and also how to read a Pareto chart. The book is fully incorporated for the coverage of Learn methodologies.

Books that Complement

Another great book for Six Sigma approach is The Rules of Project Risk Management by Robert James Chapman as he describes the ways of minimizing the risks and maximizing the stakeholder’s trust.

Coaching Agile Teams is a great complementary book to the Six Sigma Handbook as it is written by Lyssa Adkins who is a Green Belt in the Six Sigma approach and describes the best ways to coach Agile teams.


Thomas Pyzdek and Paul Keller are the authors of this book. They are the two foremost authorities of the Six Sigma approach. Thomas Pyzdek offers online training as well as certification in Six Sigma. Paul Keller is the President of Quality America Inc., where he works with the clients to successfully implement the concepts of quality improvement.

$91.63 for the book edition and $87.05 for the Kindle edition


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