The Scrumban REvolution – A Book

scrumban-revolution-bookThe Scrumban [R]Evolution: Getting the Most Out of Agile, Scrum and Lean Kanban is a guide about what Scrumban is and what it is not. It also discusses how it works, its significance and its relationship to agile and other frameworks. The book also shows the reader how to apply it throughout the different stages or phases and thereby improve team and organizational performance. Thus, it is a comprehensive guide that provides core concept and principles, as well as real-life examples.

Book Details

The book is the first paperback edition and forms part of the Agile Software Development Series by publisher Addison-Wesley Professional. It ships at a weight of about 12.6 ounces, and measures 6.0 by 0.9 by 8.9 inches. The book has 384 pages divided into 10 chapters. It is also available in Kindle format. The book was published in July 2015 in English. ISBN-10: 013408621X; ISBN-13: 978-0134086217


$33.50 for the paperback version and $31.82 for the Kindle version


Target Audience

The Scrumban [R]Evolution is for teams involved in software development. Scrum teams who are facing challenges and/or who want to further improve how they work and how they roll out a product/release/feature can gain the most benefit from the book. In effect, the discussions and recommendations can be useful to members of the team regardless of their roles, for example, product owner, scrum master or dev team.

What Customers Say

Dimitar B. (Amazon) described the book as providing plenty of ideas. He mentions two Scrum problem areas that are discussed well in the book, namely, productivity and predictability. The book explains why this is so and what can be done about it.

David P. (Amazon) stated that the author offers a peaceful alternative path to agility, as compared to wrongly implemented Scrum that only causes conflicts. He mentioned the adequate examples of companies who successfully implemented Scrumban. Also, David believes that readers of all levels, from new to advanced practitioners, will benefit from reading the book.

Scott D. (Amazon) liked the book due to the details about practicing Scrum and Kanban together. He expressed that readers who are looking for a concise guide about Scrumban may be overwhelmed by the comprehensive coverage of topics and connections that the book contains. For his part, he sees the great amount of information contained in the book as preferable and advantageous.

Content, Approach, Style

Content: The book is divided into 3 parts: Introduction, Foundations, and Execution. The first part defines in detail what Scrumban was initially, and what it has evolved into over time. Some misconceptions are also explained. Then, the second part goes into more details about the relationships between purpose, values and performance, as well as other concepts and how they are all tied together. The third part focuses on execution and shows the reader the steps in how to apply Scrumban in a sustainable manner.
Approach/Tone: The author discusses his ideas with the help of historical and cross-references. He is able to provide a comprehensive view of the topics in a factual approach by citing other sources.
Style: The book uses paragraphs of readable lengths. Some special terms familiar to software developers are used. Bulleted lists, illustrations and other images are also used to help convey ideas or draw special attention to an important concept. Several examples are provided.

Why Buy the Book

The Scrumban [R]Evolution is a book that provides understandable concepts and practical steps in helping software development teams overcome challenges and/or improve the way they work. Especially for Scrum teams, it exposes misunderstanding and mistakes in applying the method. Moreover, it also provides an alternative solution that is more flexible and sustainable with the help of Lean and Kanban methods.


Ajay Reddy is a certified trainer and consultant with expertise in various Lean and Agile methodologies. He is the founder of Code Genesys, LLC, a professional training and coaching company with headquarters in Portland, Maine, USA. The company helps teams and organizations overcome challenges as they practice and apply Agile methods such as Scrum. Ajay has helped organizations develop new frameworks that sustain value-delivery and agility over time. This is the first book he authored for Addison-Wesley’s Agile Software Development Series. Ajay Reddy is on LinkedIn.

$33.50 for the paperback version and $31.82 for the Kindle version


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