The rapid rise of Trello with 120K new users per week

trello-logoAccording to CEO Michael Pryor, Trello whose headquarters are in New York has surpassed 10 million users. Moreover, it is now signing up 120,000 new users every week. The remarkable achievement has been met through engaging and popular productivity and collaboration. It is one of the fast growing productivity applications on the planet that is empowering new generations of workers. If you need a great extension to Trello, we recommend

How the Software Works

Trello gives a presentable and attractive visual clarity to communication collaboration and other things, much like other apps such as Slack, Sunrise, Wunderlist, and AceProject, that people are supposed to know even before they do their jobs. The application design resembles a whiteboard. It has a deft design, which allows users to just move the cards around the screen while considering that everyone can see what is going on regarding projects and plans. By the way, if you need a great extension to Trello, we recommend

The Beginning of Trello

Trello was invented when Pryor and the co-founder, Joel Spolsky, were working on the original software company which was Fog Creek. They were thinking about new products and problems that they were facing. They had a difficulty with what was going on in their company. Apparently, a lot of people were working, but Pryor and Joel Spolsky were trying to get a perspective on what was happening. However, it was hard to see that, especially with all the different tools they were using.

The software company had software engineers who had whiteboards everywhere. They were moving notes around, and it was born out of that idea. They decided to take that visual metaphor and put it into a software. This would allow everyone to use it, hence anyone can get a perspective on what their team is doing.

Michael Pryor Trello

Release and Growth

The app was released in 2011 and has an easy and enjoyable interface. Amazingly, Trello was named as one of the ‘7 Coolest Startups That You Haven’t Heard Of Yet’ by Wired Magazine. On the contrary, within a year it had 500,000 users.

According to the CEO, there is a lot of growth outside the US now. The growth can be attributed to the fact that it is a collaborative app that people love thus it is spreading organically by word of mouth. The app is being used by people in all kinds of roles like marketing, HR, sales and also in people’s personal lives. The CEO is bemused that some people use the software to even plan their weddings and vacations.

Progress and Future Plans

Trello raised $10.3m funds from Index Ventures and Spark last year. Besides, the company has just launched in Brazil, Germany, Spain and France. Since people are using it in many different walks of business, the CEO says the next step for Trello is to integrate the software with other tools people like using; for example Google Docs or Salesforce. Pryor says, the new generation of productivity applications are resonating today because work habits have greatly changed. Gone are the days when people had to be at their workplace and sit at a computer that held all of their documents. Nowadays there are many devices, hence that accessibility means the company can start with collaboration first and then build the productivity on top of that.

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