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the-optimistic-workplace-logoThe Optimistic Workplace: Creating an Environment That Energizes Everyone is supported by extensive research and data, and puts forward the plausible argument that our greatest work productivity is as a direct result of an environment with positivism. This should be music to a corporate manager’s ears. The implication is that while it may be an uphill task to revolutionize the corporate culture, it may be easier to positively adjust the immediate work environment in order to establish a meaningful foundation.

Book Details

The book is available in three different formats that include an Amazon Kindle edition, a hard cover copy and unabridged audio-book. It was published on October 28th 2015 by AMACOM Publishers and is available in the English language. The back cover gives readers a gist of the book. It prominently features a battery that signifies a positive recharge of the employee’s motivation and workplace. The book contains 240 pages and is 1.2 inches thick. ISBN-10:0814436196; ISBN-13:978-0814436196.


$20.43 for the book edition or $14.89 for the Kindle edition


Target Audience

The Optimistic Workplace is well suited for project managers, department heads, human resource consultants, CEO’s, leaders and captains of industry. Ordinary people involved in projects either of a business or organizational orientation stand to benefit from the simple well laid out leadership strategies to improve their work environment.

What Customers Say

A Michael Lee Stallard (Barnes and Noble) point out that Shawn Murphy’s vision for an optimistic workplace is a key ingredient lacking in many modern organizations. He notes that the well-researched book, with relevant stories from companies like Hope Lab, Aetna, Market Basket among others is a must read.

Kevin Eikkenberry (Amazon) notes that the book does not just state an opinion; it supports it with well researched facts and figures. He found the book very easy to read and enjoyable as it provides diverse examples and case studies relevant to its theme. According to Eikkenberry, The Optimistic Workplace states a case while demystifying the status quo and pointing out the perils of excess as pertaining to optimism. It also details steps one can follow in order to develop and sustain an energized and optimistic work environment.

Content, Approach, Style

The Optimistic Workplace details a step-by-step approach on how to personalize important managerial lessons and apply them to the workplace situation at hand. The strategies are broadly encompassed in 3 approaches, namely Planning, Implementation and Monitoring. Each approach is allocated a 30-day span. The strategies are presented in a simple fashion, and the 30, 60 and 90-day plans are tailored to zero-in on methods of making employee optimism real and achievable.

It is well organized and detailed and is definitely a must read for individuals, captains of industry and leaders who are focused on improving the output of their employees by creating a conducive work atmosphere.

Why Buy the Book

The Optimistic Workplace is great value for money and it outlines revolutionary business and employee workplace enhancement techniques. It outlines simple and practical strategies to positively transform the workplace and increase output and productivity. The book is relevant to multinationals, corporate settings and even individuals looking to improve the prevailing conditions in their work environment. It is well written, and the thoughts and ideas are well brought out in a comprehensive way. The well-researched concepts are based on detailed and concise facts and figures.

Books that Complement

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Shawn Murphy is the founder and chief executive officer of Swift and Shift, an organization whose focus is the improvement of organizational leadership and practices pertaining to human resource management. He is involved in consultations, lecture circuits and his exemplary oratory skills manifest in his role as a motivational speaker. He is dedicated in assisting ordinary people to touch base with their innate abilities and ensure the creation of positive work environments to achieve set goals and objectives. named him one of the Top 100 leaders. HR examiner identified Shawn Murphy as the Top Trend Spotter in HR in 2012. Huffington Post mentioned him as the most influential HR blogger in 2013. He pens a weekly business article on

$20.43 for the book edition or $14.89 for the Kindle edition


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