The Need For a Project Management Software In Software Development

The Need For a Project Management Software In Software DevelopmentA project management software is one which seeks to satisfy all or a considerable level of the nine areas of project management as stipulated by the Project Management Book Of Knowledge including; cost, quality, communications, Integration, time, scope, human resources and risk management. In line with this, it is also pertinent to state in clear and general terms, the steps involved in software development which includes; planning, design, implementation, testing, deployment and maintenance. Having expressed the above facts, it is not far fetched how the former enhances the latter.


The first stage of every unique endeavor is conceptualization, planning and design, and in doing these, there is always the follow ups regarding the requisite resources that will fulfill the planned design. A good program that manages integration of financial, material and human resources creates the platform for team building and resource assignment. This makes it possible for all participating human resources to have a full understanding of their members, tasks and assigned material resources.


Brainstorming is one of the oldest and most important aspects of a successful outcome in any endeavor. It is done at every stage of the project from start to finish and especially where there are bottlenecks. A team that has been inaugurated must brainstorm via the program’s enabling interface by virtue of the enterprise solutions, intranet or internet where all responsible resources assemble to define the way forward for a project or proffer solutions to a problem in the ongoing task or project.


Implementation of tasks are very sensitive in quality assurance and as such, in managing the separate tasks that make up the entire project, the software aids its user, to assign resources to tasks. This makes it easier for tracking the resources usage and cost of implementation, prorated or fixed. It also keeps the user and other parties assigned to a particular task, abreast of their responsibilities in terms of timing and delivery. Again, a provision for foot notes on every task in a good program is of unlimited importance because of the quality and scope that is expected at every stage of a project.


The ease to manage and supervise a task or the entire project is of great importance owing to the time value of resources, so any form of impediment that will affect the critical path of a project is avoided. In using the program, the user navigates easily among the menus and tabs and could have a simple view of overlapping windows integrating and communicating the status of each task, that make of the entire project. This implies that the user or supervisor could see the percentage of work done and the overall stage of the entire endeavor at any point in time and as updated duly.

Milestone Activation

An unforgettable, strategic and one-stop feature of an enterprising program is milestone activation. This is quite essential as it relates and further explains the progress report, to all the internal and external parties that are involved in the project. A requirement for this, is that, it must be predetermined and unanimously agreed upon by all the related parties and once achieved, is made know and celebrated by all Without much ado, having articulated the above reasons, it is obvious that there is indeed an indisputable necessity in applying Project Management for software development.

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