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The Marketing Plan Handbook, 5th Edition is a comprehensive guide to help readers write a condensed but meaningful marketing plan for their company. It offers a step-by-step method, providing relevant information of what important points to consider in crafting a marketing plan. It also has several sample plans, tools and tips to help the reader create an effective plan specific for their company’s purpose and overall strategy. Also included in the book are several fundamental marketing concepts and up-to-date recommendations timely in today’s networked marketplace.

Book Details

This paperback edition measures 7.5 in. wide by 0.3 in. thick by 9.2 in. long. It ships about 9.6 ounces. It has 148 pages divided into 6 chapters and 7 appendices. The book is also available in hardcover format. This 5th edition was published by Cerebellum Press on January 1, 2018 in the English language.

$29.95 for the paperback version and $95.00 for the hardcover version

Target Audience

The Marketing Plan Handbook is for business managers of all types of organization. Those who are familiar with the basics of strategic marketing management can derive the most benefit. It is for those who are responsible for developing marketing plans for their companies. The book can also be valuable to professors of marketing and MBA students.

What Customers Say

The latest edition has just been released, but good customer reviews and high ratings were given for the 4th edition.

Darwin M (Amazon) described The Marketing Plan Handbook as an excellent book. It is to-the-point in its discussions. He recommends it highly for anyone in charge of writing a marketing plan.

Jorgen H. (Amazon) stated that the author masterfully consolidated a comprehensive marketing resource into a concise and very readable book. He praises Professor Chernev for his ability to distill complex information into few but meaningful sentences. The Handbook also comes with generous samples of marketing plans and innovative frameworks.

D. McCall (Amazon) described it as a clear and concise reference. The reader uses it as one of two textbooks for teaching marketing in college. The web resources and references included in the book are valuable, too.

Content, Approach, Style

Content: The Marketing Plan Handbook 5th Edition is more concise as compared to the 4th edition. It has fewer pages and chapters. The first part in the latest edition combined the first and second parts in the previous book, which discusses marketing strategy and planning, as well as writing the marketing plan. The second part contains several marketing plan samples. The third part includes 7 appendices that discuss several tools and tips, such as using a template, writing a positioning statement, and developing a communication plan, among others.

Approach/Tone: The author uses definition, description, differentiation, explanation, illustration and other methods to clarify the ideas and topics in the book. He is direct and to-the-point, thereby simplifying complex ideas into understandable concepts in a few statements.

Style: The book is organized from discussing big concepts such as business strategy down to smaller activities such as writing a marketing plan. Topics are properly identified and labeled. The paragraphs are short and easy to read. The language is easy to understand. Three chapters are dedicated to discuss sample marketing plans. It also contain bullet points, numbered lists, tables, images, and other visual aids.

Why Buy the Book

The Marketing Plan Handbook, 5th Edition is the updated version of a classic and highly rated marketing textbook from a well-respected professor of marketing. It can be used by organizations of all sizes to guide them in creating an effective plan that includes technological, financial, and operational aspects for their product offering. It is updated to include relevant information for today’s networked business landscape, so it is applicable whether they market directly to consumers or through other business partners.


Alexander Chernev is a professor of marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Professor Chernev teaches several marketing classes in MBA, PhD and executive education programs. He is a member of several editorial boards of top research journals such as Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Psychology, and many more. He has received numerous teaching awards, has written numerous articles, and advises companies around the world on issues of strategic marketing planning and analysis, business innovation, and new product development, among others.

$29.95 for the paperback version and $95.00 for the hardcover version

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