The Junior Project Manager – Learning Project Management Through Stories

The Junior Project ManagerProject management skills and qualifications are highly regarded in all industries. Professionals who have the ability and confidence to plan, lead and execute projects are highly sought after. Also, there is spacious room to grow for new and aspiring project professionals, provided they are adequately trained. These days, technological innovations are making education more accessible and effective. New modes of learning and teaching, with the help of online tools and multimedia, are creating clear and positive impact. With this innovative approach, The Junior Project Manager is providing aspiring professionals a platform with a new approach to learning project management.


Introducing The Junior Project Manager

The Junior Project Manager is a platform for helping beginners in project management learn with an innovative approach. Through a combination of storytelling and blended media, the course aims to teach project management principles to students by immersing them in the story of Victor, the lead character/junior project manager. Although the character is fictional, the lessons reflect and are applicable to real-world working environment. Project management concepts and tools are important elements in the story, so the students learn about them, enabling them to create clear connections and contextual meaning.

Hi, Im Victor!

Project Management Fundamentals

The Junior Project Manager course is an introduction to project management methods and tools. As the students listen to the animated story, they get to know what project management is, how to communicate and get the support of stakeholders, how to master the project scope, meet deadlines, and other aspects of keeping the project under control. Students who take the course learns about the methods and tools being used in the day-to-day life of a junior project manager. It is an introductory course, but aspiring professionals are given a clear idea of the responsibilities and practices of managing a project.

Target Audience

The online course is for non-project managers or PM students without previous practical experience. It is also ideal for business owners and entrepreneurs, people who like to manage personal projects, self-learners and those interested in project management. The course is also helpful to those studying for PMP certification and for professional trainers, campus professors, or companies that want to include the course in their workshops.

Course Objectives and Curriculum

Students of The Junior Project Manager course will learn about the basics of project management, when and how to manage stakeholders, when and how to define the scope, and set up roles and project organization. They will also learn when and how to manage resources and costs, deal with project risks, and use project controlling tools. The course includes 26 situational videos, 16 quizzes, and text and PDF documents. It is divided into an introduction and 10 chapters, from introduction to project management up to project closure.

What is a project on a tablet

The 3-hour online course can be accessed for 2 months by individual learners. It can also be accessed easily by campus students from a learning management system in a flexible semester or cycle timeframe. The course was designed and developed by PMPs, instructional designers, content creators, and other creative and educational experts. The course is priced at $29.99. In customer testimonials, Nadeem described the course as different, interesting, fun, and more importantly, helped him learn. Sarah stated that the stories helped her imagine project management in action.

Creating More Effective Learning Through Blended Media

The Junior Project Manager is the first course offered by Blendlee Learning Technologies UG, an education management company based in Berlin, Germany. They develop story-based multimedia learning content and offer them on their online platform. Their goal is to turn students into highly skilled professionals. In 2015, Blendlee won the Ericsson Innovation Awards for their blended learning education platform, bagging the grand prize of 25,000 euros. Know more about Blendlee, the creators of The Junior Project Manager, by visiting them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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