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influention-pm-logoThe Influential Project Manager: Winning Over Team Members and Stakeholders is a book that gives detailed information on ways of improving influential skills in order to achieve business results. It gives a detailed explanation on ways of setting and meeting goals and ambitions for oneself, team members and the stakeholders. By going through the book, you are able to see a detailed explanation of how to influence others and ways of building partnerships that will enhance lifetime dividend payouts.

Book Details

The book was published in 25th July 2014 by CRC press; 1 edition in English language under the Best practices and Advances in Program Management Series. The book has 219 pages and the print replica of the book has maintained its rich formatting and layout. It also offers amazing features such as easy search, adding notes and zooming. The front cover of the book has an amazing theme of a key with the words SUCCESS illuminated over it. Below the key theme, various components of success are listed including; growth, team, innovation, vision, influence, strategy, work, motivation, sales and profit. The back pages gives a brief discussion of the book contents. ISBN-10: 1466596333; ISBN-13: 978-1466596337.


$33.81 for the book version or $37.41 for the Kindle version


Target Audience

The book targets all project managers both the successful ones and the upcoming ones. The book talks of ways one can become a project manager of influence and this is a key aspect in project management. Other parties such as team members and stakeholders also require this book for betterment of projects.

What Customers Say

Kathleen San Martino says that this is an incredible book that is geared towards outlining the soft skills that are necessary for becoming a successful and influential project manager. According to her, the skills are applicable to anyone in any job and in everyday life.

Neal Reynolds says that there are wonderful tools and guides to becoming a more successful person talked about in this book. According to him, it is an excellent book for a project manager to learn to earn respect as a leader and this valuable lessons carry over to anyone who seeks leadership roles.

Meredith Vine Voice found this book to be incredibly easy and powerful to read. She adds that the informal tone of the writer makes it easy to take in each of the ideas and tools.

Content, Approach, Style

The books is arranged in various chapters with each chapter highlighting real-world scenarios on a particular subject. The scenarios are also linked to various influencing skills that are under consideration in every chapter. There are also practical forms, important tips, templates and best practices to help in developing and refining various skills of influence.

Why Buy the Book

The book is extremely affordable and it also gives clear detailed information on how to become a person of influence. Project managers need to influence people through the soft skills the book offers. This book is among the very few that talk about how to develop the power of influence in project management.

Books that Complement

Managing Technology-Based Projects by Hans J. Thamhain is one book that compliments this book under consideration as it equally talks on the power of influence, with the sole focus on technology based projects.

Brilliant Project Management by Stephen Barker and Rob Cole is another excellent complementary book as it contains case studies about different situations, and how they are dealt with by the best project managers.


The author of this book is Alfonso Bucero, Msc, PMP, PMI-RMP, and a PMI Fellow. He is the founder and managing partner of BUCERO PM Consulting and he managed IIL Spain for almost two years and was also a senior project manager at Hewlett-Packard Spain (Madrid Office) for more than thirteen year. He has written many other books and has also inspired many project managers.

$33.81 for the book version or $37.41 for the Kindle version


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