The BIGGER, BETTER Earned Value PMP Exam Prep Book – A Book Review

The BIGGER, BETTER Earned Value PMP Exam Prep Book (Including 100 Sample Questions) deals with the subject of earned value management (EVM). EVM is regarded by many project professionals as one of the most difficult part of the PMP exams. This book aims to help aspiring PMP test takers to better understand the calculations and answers to sample questions. It provides instructions in a style that is thorough and detailed, to give the readers the knowledge and skills to best approach EVM questions on the exams. The book is updated and aligned with the PMBOK Guide Sixth Edition.

Book Details

This Kindle edition has a file size of 1257 KB, with an equivalent print length of 281 pages. It is also available in paperback format. The book is independently published on June 14, 2018 and sold by Amazon Digital Services. It is in the English language. Also, text-to-speech, Word Wise, and enhanced typesetting are enabled. ASIN: B07DS1JRT2


$9.99 for the Kindle version and $15.00 for the paperback version

Target Audience

This e-book is for people preparing for the PMP certification exams. It is also a reference for professionals, students, and trainors on the subject of earned value management calculations.

What Customers Say

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Content, Approach, Style

Content: The BIGGER, BETTER Earned Value PMP Exam Prep Book enumerates at the start the objectives of the book, which is to explain the purpose and benefits of earned value analysis, and to help the reader perform various EVA calculations and interpret its meaning. It is a short publication with a focus on sample quiz questions, detailed calculation explanations, and result interpretations. It covers calculations, interpreting results, forecasting, getting back on track, observations and caveats.

Approach/Tone: The author gives a thorough explanation on how to assess the question, choose the correct formula, and arrive at the correct results. He uses a direct and the most simple approach in explaining the process.

Style: The book contains mostly sample questions that are similar to those that appear in the PMP exams. It also has graphs as visual aid. The topics are clearly organized with headers and subheaders.

Why Buy the Book

Passing the PMP exams and getting certified has many benefits for the project professional. Making sure to be prepared for it, especially on the subject of EVM is a good investment. Answering as many practice questions as possible also equips the aspirant better as well as boosts their confidence. The BIGGER, BETTER Earned Value PMP Exam Prep Book is one of the great investments to learn about EVM calculations and getting the questions right.


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$9.99 for the Kindle version and $15.00 for the paperback version

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