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The Asshole Survival Guide: How to Deal with People Who Treat You Like Dirt is a book that counsels readers how to effectively handle certain kinds of personalities they work with or involuntarily associate with. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines asshole as a vulgar word that describes a stupid, annoying, or detestable person. Unfortunately, they can be encountered everywhere, whether in the office, on the field, in the classroom, and just about any period in life. This guide helps readers identify which kind of problematic persons they are dealing with, and then provides scientific, evidence-based strategies in dealing with them.

Book Details

This hardcover is about 5.5 inches wide, 0.9 inch thick, and 8.2 inches long. Its shipping weight is about 11.2 ounces. It contains 224 pages divided into 7 chapters. Aside from a hardcover format, it is also available in paperback, Kindle and audiobook format. This first edition was published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing in September 2017 in English. ISBN-10: 1328695913; ISBN-13: 978-1328695918


$19.04 for the hardcover edition and $10.99 for the paperback edition

Target Audience

The Asshole Survival Guide is for everyone. It is valuable to those who work in an office environment, those who are on the field, at school, and any other location with a high probability of encountering a diverse group of persons.

What Customers Say

Sundae W. (Amazon) described that book as insightful. She stated that she bought the book to prepare for a new job where she knew there are some challenging personalities. As she read, however, she became more introspective and looked at her own actions and motives. The Asshole Survival Guide clarified to her how to treat others in the workplace.

Michael S. (Amazon) stated that the book is a great read. He described it as quite accurate, to the point, and funny in places, too. Reading it brought him so many lessons he learned in the last 3 decades of dealing with all sorts of customers, coworkers, and bosses.

Darren (Goodreads) rated it 5 stars. He states that the book’s short and simple title accurately describes the book’s raison d’être. But The Asshole Survival Guide is more than just a book with a humorous title. It has the benefit of academic research from a Stanford professor with a doctorate in organizational psychology. The book looks at how bad behavior can destroy the workplace environment and all that go on there.

Content, Approach, Style

Content:The Asshole Survival Guide contains 224 pages divided in 7 chapters. The book starts with the reason for writing it. Too many people, from a wide range of industries, levels, functions, and locations have asked the author for help in dealing with a-holes. The first step is identification of the type of offender, and then strategies to avoid them. If this is not possible, then to at least reduce the problem.

Approach/Tone: The author approaches the subject seriously but with humorous overtones. He presents a mix of research, case studies, and examples to highlight the seriousness of the problem. Then, he offers strategies not only to address the external problem, but also invites readers to look inward to see if they are part of the problem.

Style: The book is enjoyable to read. It is full of stories using language that is easy to understand, non-formal, and most of the time funny. It also contains the damage done by these obnoxious people to their immediate environment, and solutions to escape from, endure, or fight them.

Why Buy the Book

The Asshole Survival Guide is essential, especially to people in the workplaces, where they have minimum to no option to choose who to work with. It is an important reference also, since an opposing philosophy exists, as promoted by books like Assholes Finish First, and articles such as Why it Pays to Be a Jerk.


Professor Robert Sutton received his Ph.D. in organizational psychology at the University of Michigan. He is a Professor of Management Science and Engineering and Professor of Organizational Behavior in Stanford for over 35 years. He has co-founded a technology entrepreneurship program and a design school, and is an academic director of two executive programs at Stanford. He has written books listed by The New York Times and Wall Street Journal as bestsellers, as well as hundreds of articles in peer-reviewed journals. He is a LinkedIn Influencer, tweets at Work Matters, and gives keynote speeches across the US and internationally.

$19.04 for the hardcover edition and $10.99 for the paperback edition

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