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Teamwork Logo DefaultFounded in 2007 and used by 250,000 companies, SaaS PM tool Teamwork continues to release updates. Earlier this year they released the TKO beta for Projects. This summer brought updates to TKO and to Desk.  Projects TKO received improvements to Announcements and Dashboard Messages, Quickviews, and Keyboard shortcuts. Desk earned tweaks to its integration with Projects.


After rolling out TKO, Teamwork listened to customer feedback. After working with customers, the Projects team made several improvements to existing features. Teamwork proclaims that each day brings more stability to TKO.

1. Markdown on Notebooks

Many customers asked for this feature. Now, the site administrators or owners have access to the option in the settings tab. Once enabled, clicking “create a notebook” allows you to chose between editor and markdown.

2. Sidebar Tags

Access to tagging is now available everywhere. In the project overview tab, simply hover over the project and pick your tag. Inside the project, a new “tag” option appears in the sidebar.

3. File Preview

This feature enables you to preview files from an endless list of extensions. Once activated by your site admin or owner, simply open the file section of your project. Here you will see a preview of all files, regardless of extension.

4. Quickviews

The days of jumping between pages with every notification are over.  Now, when you see a notification, simply hover over it and press “v”. You also have the ability to preview notifications with the magnifier icon next to the notification bell on the top of the page.

5. Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts make life simple. TKO introduced hovering over a task and typing “c” to complete it. If you want to comment on the task, type “n”. Now, these shortcuts apply to milestones, links, and notebooks. The other new added shortcut is “o”. Thanks to an accelerated dashboard, hovering over a project and typing “o” opens the project menu.

teamwork improved speed



First Teamwork enabled billing for third parties. Now that this is stabilized, the Desk team is working to improve integration across Teamwork applications. With this release, they added the ability to view all Project related tasks from the ticket view. These appear in the reply section above the ticket. The Desk team continues to work towards EU hosting, attempting overcome significant regulatory hurdles.



Teamwork’s stated goal is to create an easy to use, powerful SaaS PM tool. Project’s public TKO demonstrates an effective working platform to this end. Their commitment to listen to customers and meet the demands of project managers is apparent in these updates. Working in Projects is now easier. The improved integration between Desk and Projects brings efficiency and simplicity to the platform. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Vimeo, Youtube, and LinkedIn.

Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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