Teamwork Software: 1 Update, 12 Changes

Teamwork Logo DefaultOver 250000 companies rely on Teamwork’s SaaS PM solution Projects. The most recent update continues to balance simplicity and function. This update makes a total of 12 changes. These include improvements to the card view, project organization, the calendar, tasks management, and avatars.

1. Card View

Visual representation of your projects is important. Teamwork’s Project card view quickly shows your active projects. Now, you can see the avatars of the people working on each project.


2. Color Coding Projects

Another enhancement to the view is the ability to color code projects. Teamwork now lets you find your projects even quicker with color coding. 


3.Tasks: Templates, Sub-tasks, and Dependency Quick View

Task templates are an effective tool for speeding up the task creation and managing them. You’ll see that your templates now appear on the sidebar. It’s now a simple click to access your templates. Furthermore, templates now have their own page. This makes it easier for filtering and sorting.


Next, they simplified subtask creation. Simply hover over a task and click to indent it. No more pausing during your brainstorming, just make one list of things to do. Afterward, creating subtasks is just a simple hover, point, and click away.


Finally, once you’ve created all your subtasks, you’ll notice that a new symbol appears next to the task. Hovering over the symbol generates a tool-tip. Click on it and quick view gives you details on who it belongs to, the project, etc.


4. @Mentions: Avatars and Roles

Collaboration on successful projects requires clear communication between people and teams. Teamwork uses “@mentions” to send comments. Now, this function includes entire teams. For example, you can assign a group of people to the marketing role.  If you need to communicate with them, simply type “@marketing” and everyone on the team receives the message.


The other change you’ll see with @Mentions is the inclusion of the person’s avatar. Start typing a name and see (possibly) the face of the person you are mentioning or a circle with their name.


5. Project Creation: First Projects and the People Section

Teamwork added a new “People” tab in project creation. This eliminates extra clicks associated with assigning people to projects. Simply click add project, start typing a name and the system filters it for you.


Next, Teamwork simplified the creation of the first project. Now all of the extras – description, company, people, etc. – are in the “More Options” tab. New users only need to name the project. You can always come back later for the other stuff.


6. Calendar: Add Event & Calendar Views

In an effort to simplify the invite process, Teamwork is making changes to the “Add Event” tab. Start typing a person’s name and the filter narrows the list for you. Once you’ve built the event, you’ll now see the avatars for everyone who’s attending.


Viewing an event no longer requires leaving the calendar. Hover over the event on the calendar and you’ll see a magnifying glass on the pop up. Click the magnifying glass and an event preview appears on the right side of the screen. From here, you can edit the event.



Teamwork’s desire to be scalable to all projects and all teams hinges on simplicity. This update is another important step in that direction. By decreasing the number of clicks, this update increases what you can accomplish a given screen. At the same time, visual enhancements improve the efficiency of gathering information about your projects. Using this update supports the Teamwork promise that once you use Projects, you can’t imagine managing without it. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, & RSS.

Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith is a life long writer with over 20 years' experience in the corporate sector. He now writes about project management software.

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