Teamwork Reveals Updates Including OneDrive Integration

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teamwork logo darkMonth after month, Teamwork online project management has been rolling out the most requested features. In the previous month, an enhanced user interface, improved user experience, and inline images, to mention a few, have been included in this easy-to-use and fast PM software. As a result, more delighted users are completing their daily work more efficiently. This month, the team is proud to announce the outcome of their hard work in the form of enhanced filtering in calendars, improved time tracking features, easy status update, and Microsoft OneDrive integration, among others.

Calendar Event Filter

Teamwork makes collaboration with the project team and the clients very easy. People know exactly what they have to do and by when. The Calendar feature allows users to post the time and date for events and meetings where everybody can see them in one location. It is easy to create events, put start and end times, invite users and even create custom reminders. User experience is improved even more with the addition of a filter by Event type function. Now, users can filter if they only want to see meetings, phone calls, training, personal schedules, or such. teamwork calendar filter Take me to their Website

Time tracking: Time Log Views and New Timer Bar

Teamwork online project management helps users get organized and take control of their time. The time tracking feature allows users to quickly enter time in different ways. It is then easy to see how much time has been spent on working a project. The latest update introduces improved task time logged views. Timing of tasks and subtasks has been given more visibility across the platform. Also, the inline timer bar has been completely redesigned so it is more intuitive, easier to use and will fit better into the browser. teamwork time bar

Communication: Status Update, New Twitter Handle, the Engine Room blog

Communication is central to Teamwork, which is why it is a very effective tool for its more than a million users. It has a wide selection of message features that include file or photo attachment, group or private messages, organizing by category, archiving, exporting and more. The latest update improves the ability of users to inform their team where they are and what they are doing even when using email. Users can send 160 characters of status written in the subject field of the mail client. To inform all users, they can use @all; to notify only a person(s), they will use @someone. teamwork status update Teamwork also has a new Twitter handle, from the old @teamworkPM to just @teamwork. The engineering blog The Engine Room has been rebooted to contain all and anything tech, while the main blog will continue to announce the rest of the software’s and company’s events and announcements. Take me to their Website

Integrations: New Google SSO app and Microsoft’s OneDrive

In light of recent security-related incidents, changes have been made in Google’s security standards. As a result, the Google Apps Single Sign On app has been updated to accommodate the improved security when using it with the Teamwork account. A major update in the latest release is the integration of Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage with Teamwork online project management software. Now, users have more options to connecting with third-party cloud storage, in addition to previous integrations with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box. teamwork cloud storage

Run the Business without the Stress

Teamwork’s goal is to be the best project management and task management software by providing its users the right information when they need it. The team is always reading user feedback to achieve its goal, and they are hard at work month after month to give the right organization, time tracking, communication, and integration features users are looking for. Know more what is going on through their social media pages: Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.

Take me to their Website

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