Teamwork Releases Updates for its Projects, Desk and Chat

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teamwork logo has been very busy working on its suite of productivity software. In June, development teams have been adding features, making improvements and working under the hood to give its customers and users a better experience in managing their business. For example, the great reception of Task Tags in Teamwork Projects from its users have led to more tagging capability for many project items. On Desk, another billing option is given to subscribers for flexibility. And on Chat Beta, tweaks have resulted in more stability across devices.

Teamwork Projects Updates

Teamwork Projects released Task Tags a few months ago. We reported how it can help teams get organized and have greater control of their tasks and overall work. Users gave it a warm welcome and as a result, the development team went all the way to enable users to also tag projects, milestones, messages, files, notebooks and even links. Now, all of these items can be tracked in a personalized and customized way. Also, these items can be filtered in more ways such as by terms, tags or by user, and quickly with shortcut characters such as @ for users and # for tags.

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Another enhancement for this task and project management software is the process of inviting users. First, it is clearer to distinguish between a user and a contact. Also, it is now possible to see when a user has invited someone and when the invitation has been accepted. Password security has been boosted, so that someone else can no longer choose another user’s password. The mailed invitation has also been updated to encourage the recipient to log on and get involved. These changes are all geared to improve user experience when inviting another for collaboration.

teamwork projects invite

Teamwork Projects now has a functional @mention feature, which will immediately notify the person mentioned and alert them of the posted comment. Also, Gmail integration has been enhanced, so that when a task has been assigned and the user has been notified in his or her Gmail account, they can quickly view the task without switching tabs. From the email listing, a button has been added which when clicked will allow the user to go straight to the task item.

teamwork projects gmail view task

Teamwork Desk Updates

Work has been also commencing on the other software, particularly on the core functionality within Desk. Significant upgrades have been announced and can be seen in the Upgrades section of the Desk app. Based on customer feedback, an additional billing option is now available aside from the pay-as-you-go option. The per-agent pricing seems helpful to organizations with strict budget requirements. There is also a system for introducing new features to beta testers, groups of users or a percentage of users, enabling the development team to bring features quickly and efficiently. Also in the next few months, more social network integrations with Twitter and Facebook will keep all support options centrally located. Finally, an embeddable contact form on websites will be available very soon.

teamwork desk channels

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Teamwork Chat Updates

Last but not the least, a new release for Teamwork Chat has been rolled out, greatly stabilizing the software on the Mac platform, as well as improving memory usage in several different devices. A drop-down button on the top left corner has been added on the interface, so users can quickly switch between Projects and Desk from within the Chat app. Serious work is also going on for the web version of the software. And as always, user feedback and advice will be play an important part in the design and implementation, so the team is eagerly awaiting for those to come in.

teamwork chat conversations

For the latest in software, users can go to their Twitter, Facebook or Google+ page.

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