Teamwork Projects – UI/Mobile Updates, HubSpot Integration

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teamwork logo darkTeamwork Projects is the practical project and task management software from Irish SaaS company In their continuing effort to help their customers get organized and get work done, they just announced a list of new features they have finished working on this September. Improvements focused on the user interface and how it is now consistent across the other products Desk and Chat. They also included in the latest release improvements in displaying task lists, filters, tags, iPhone updates and integration with a leading inbound marketing software.

Activity at the Dashboard and Project

Teamwork Projects now has a listed Activity in the Dashboard and Project screens or pages. Users can easily see at a glance and take in the latest information as soon as they log in into their account. They can see any important comment, task, file and other items that resulted from the most recent action. They can see what their team has recently worked and finished, so they can also immediately start working on their own tasks and contribute to the overall effort. Performance-wise, the loading process also became faster in having the Activity listed at the Dashboard, again resulting in time savings and efficiency.

teamwork projects activity dashboard

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More UI Updates

Another user interface update is the ability of Task Lists to expand or collapse when viewing single lists. Next to the Task List name are little plus (+) and minus (-) signs that help users collapse those lists that are not of concern and quickly find the tasks on the targeted list. There is also a new options menu from the drop-down icon that presents more choices of working on a task. In other screens, users can filter completed tasks in Everything with tags. They can also add tags to titles in the Milestone calendar. They can import tasks that are ‘active’ or ‘completed’ with the addition of a Status column.

teamwork projects new ui

iPhone Updates

Last August, Teamwork Projects introduced mobile enhancements with the Share extension. This September, it is once again introducing small improvements as well as fixes for both iOS and Android apps. Particularly for the iPhone, the most recent improvements are functionality support for Risks, Likes, Notifications, and Multiple File Uploads. It is also announcing a very near future release for a Today extension, which will allow users to comment on and complete tasks, start a timer, and log time from the Today section on the lock screen.

teamwork projects iphone today 3

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HubSpot Integration

In September, Teamwork Projects announced a new integration partner to add to the many cloud tools that it works seamlessly with. To the delight of many Teamwork marketing agency customers, it is now integrated with leading inbound marketing and sales software HubSpot. This will help marketers using HubSpot to stay organized, collaborate better and get their tasks and projects done with its integration with Teamwork Projects. With seamless marketing and project management platform connections, companies can focus on building seamless relationships with their customers.

teamwork projects hubspot integration

Some of the ways that Projects work with HubSpot are the ability to create a new project in one’s Teamwork account from a HubSpot Deal. Users can also link a Projects item to a HubSpot Deal or Blog Post. They can create a Notebook or any Teamwork Projects item from anywhere in HubSpot. Furthermore, they can track time in HubSpot and log it in Teamwork.

teamwork projects hubspot deal

Faster, More Intuitive PM Software

The UI updates, the iPhone improvement and the HubSpot integration are but a few and continuing ways Teamwork Projects is making sure that its users have a faster, more intuitive and simpler PM software they can use. For more of the latest announcements and updates, visit their Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn page.


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