Teamwork Projects Releases Powerful New Trello Importer

Teamwork Projects recently announced another new way to supercharge a team’s performance and productivity. A new data transfer tool allows users to import their Trello boards and directly move them into Teamwork Projects. There can be several reasons why teams are doing this. Trello is an easy to use visual application, and many teams start with it. Unfortunately, as work grows and becomes more complicated, it becomes limiting for some users. Kashmer Interactive, an Internet market agency, made the switch in order to cut down on the number of tools they use.

3 Reasons for Switching to Teamwork Projects

The new importer tool can benefit people in at least three noteworthy ways. First, Teamwork Projects is a more powerful collaboration system. What users can do in Trello, they can also do in Teamwork Projects, and more. Its Board View enables them to visualize the flow of tasks and activities to get a true representation of the scope of the project. Second, because of its comprehensive set of features, moving several small projects into a central PM platform will consolidate information and improved the project team’s efficiency. Last, a referral program allows users to earn as much as 25 percent income by Teamwork for a year, if they can successfully refer a friend to switch to Teamwork Projects.

Transfer Data in Seconds

Importing from Trello to Teamwork Projects is easy. To start the import, a user should go to the top right of the screen, select ‚ÄòSettings,’ then choose ‚ÄòImport.’ In the Trello area of that screen, also select ‚ÄòImport.’ Next, they should enter their Trello login details, and allow Teamwork Projects application the permission.

They will then see a list of boards they can import. Users can select to import all boards or select specific ones. After selection, they can click the Import button.

The Teamwork Projects Advantage

Teams have switched to Teamwork Projects because of more features and greater flexibility. These gave them better results. For example, Teamwork Projects also offers a list view aside from a board view. Users have the option of switching between views and work in a way that suits them. Also, Teamwork Projects provides an integrated solution where its project management software can seamlessly work with its help desk and real-time chat application.

Some Important Notes

Data transfer can be achieved in just a few clicks. However, Trello does not provide access to members’ email addresses. Thus, the importer creates temporary, non-working email addresses that has to be manually updated to work. After starting the import, users can wait for it to finish, or they can close the window and get an email when the import is complete. Users can also choose to reimport their boards, but this will overwrite any previous import and changes they have made since the initial import. They can also choose to update when reimporting, which will update any previously imported boards with new information.

It is important to note that import activity will not show up in the project activity dashboard. Also, archived boards when imported will remain archived projects in Teamwork.

Easily Make The Transition

Teamwork Projects is a solid alternative to many popular online project management software. The powerful Trello importer tool is the latest addition of data transfer tools including for Basecamp, Asana and Wrike.

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