Teamwork Projects Newest Integration with Microsoft Office

Teamwork Projects is a project management application that enables high-performance teams to manage tasks and collaborate on projects. It also supports integration with existing apps to allow seamless work. In the past year, an in-house integrations team has worked on a Document Editor and on OneDrive for Business to help users edit, store and share project files. Recently, the team added an add-in for integration with Microsoft Office that is available to Window users.

Teamwork Projects + Microsoft Office Integration

The latest integration with Microsoft Office will allow Teamwork Projects users who downloaded the add-in to work on any item without leaving the Office app they are in. There are some requirements however. Users need to have at least Windows 7 or higher. The add-in can be used with Office 2013 or newer. Office 365 Desktop installation is supported. Users also need Microsoft .Net 4.6 installed. Lastly, the Office Add-In is available on Small Office plan or higher, while the MS Project Add-In is available on the Pro, Business and Enterprise plans. After a successful download, installation and authentication, users will find a new tab named Teamwork in the MS Office ribbon bar.

Work from within your favorite MS Office App

The latest integration will enable Teamwork users to work on apps in the MS Office suite, such as Word, Excel, Publisher, Powerpoint, Visio, Outlook or Project. For instance, when opening a new Word doc, users will see the new Teamwork tab beside the View option. Upon clicking the tab, users will have a variety of actions available. They can open the PM app site, or add a project, task list, or task. Users can attach a document when adding a message or add links from any Office app. They can also access templates from the Teamwork Projects site and use them to create task lists. Furthermore, users can add a notebook from a Word document just by checking a box that will convert the document content to a notebook automatically.

Save Valuable Time

This latest integration can help teams save precious time while improving productivity. They can easily start, pause or stop time using the Teamwork Timer. Also, they can log time from the Office app where they are writing a document, creating a presentation, working on a spreadsheet or using an email. Moreover, the timer is applicable to each document. Thus, when users switch from one document to another, timers will automatically pause and start to the document they have changed to. Now, users can easily log time across multiple documents. They can work on the Office app they are most comfortable with, and easily upload documents to Teamwork Projects when they are done.

Microsoft Project to Teamwork Projects

The Teamwork Projects integration with Microsoft Office also brings a very powerful functionality. Now, users can open projects from the Teamwork site using MS Project, create changes and updates, then upload it back to Teamwork. All changes will be immediate. Import from one app and export directly to the other app and vice versa is as simple as clicking a button. Therefore, teams do not have to create project files manually for compatibility purposes.

More Exciting Things to Come

Teamwork is dedicated to build more amazing add-ons and introduce more exciting integrations in the days ahead. For more of the latest new features, integrations and other announcements, visit Teamwork on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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