Teamwork Projects New Portfolio Feature + Other June Updates

Teamwork Projects is helping teams run their business in a more organized and better way. This is done with powerful but simple-to-use features that can be accessed in no time. In May, the development team focused on triggers and other automations to save time. This June, users now have more options to view their data, look at exactly the information they want to see, and also export only the right and useful data. New features include Portfolio, default columns, an updated Quickbooks export, and more.

Introducing Portfolio

Teamwork Projects launched Portfolio based on the successful reception of the Board View for Tasks feature. Taking the concept of visual workflow further, and based also on user feedback, Portfolio is now available to users on the professional plan and higher. This feature allows project managers, as well as program managers and other executive-level officers to easily get a high level overview of the company’s projects. With Portfolio, users can quickly add projects to a board, see its project summary and other details to assess its progress.

How to Use Portfolio

Users can get started on having their Portfolio by first going on the Projects menu, then choosing the Portfolio tab. They should then add a board, give it a name, and then start adding columns. Columns can represent the status or a stage of a project. By clicking the Show Backlog button, the list of projects will be displayed, and users can drag and drop a project into a column. Now, each card represents a project, and by clicking the card, more details such as project summary can be instantly viewed. Other details to see are:

  • number of overdue tasks
  • number of completed tasks
  • performance of individual team members
  • items on the task board
  • project trend, and more.

Latest Updates – Default Columns

Teamwork Projects June updates also include other improvements. For example, users now can create default columns whenever they create a new board within a project. They can set the names and color of the default columns, so they do not have to add this every time. To create these columns, go to Settings on the top right, select Templates, and scroll down to Default Board Columns.

Collapse/Show Card Details

Another useful update is the ability to collapse or show card details in the Board View. This feature is particularly useful whenever users have a great number of cards in their board. Collapsing the cards allows them to scan the board faster for specific cards. They can then click on the Show Card Details button to read details like due dates, priority, and other information whenever they want.

Quickbooks Export Update

Quickbooks export was possible already previously but the latest update makes it easier to set the default product/service column. If users have to set the default product/service line on a per item basis before, now they can set it on the Quickbooks invoice modal window, and it will be applied to all exported items. Also, users can now apply a filter before exporting from the list view of the Projects tab. Before, everything on the list is exported. Now, users can create a filter first, and then just export what is on the filtered list.

Teamwork Projects continues to work on existing features that can benefit how their customers work. They are also working on new features on the dashboard and on the Gantt chart that will be available soon. To learn more about the latest updates and other feature announcements, visit Teamwork also on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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