Teamwork Projects New Default Projects and other August Updates

teamworkprojectsTeamwork Projects is helping teams collaborate better and be more productive as they deliver their projects successfully. With regular updates, the online project management software provides its users with the needed relevant tools to help them save time, money and energy as they complete their work. This past August, the application introduced several features to accomplish this goal. Users now can use default projects, bulk edit tasks, create shortcuts on iOS app, and more.

August Roundup for Teamwork Projects

Save Time and Effort with Default Projects

Teamwork Projects helps project managers stay organized and in control in all phases of the project lifecycle. The August update introduced the default projects feature. With this, users can set which projects a new teammate is given access to. Users can set a default project that a new member will have access instead of manually doing this step for every new member. Default project setting is also applicable to users in an external company. Configuring default projects is done by going to the site settings, selecting templates, and scrolling down to select the default projects.

Manage Default Projects

Bulk Edit Tasks on the Project Level

The bulk edit tasks feature has been enhanced to include editing of people-related changes. Therefore, users now can bulk edit assignees, followers or creators. To do this on the project level, users should select the project options button on the right, and click the bulk edit tasks option, which is the first on the list. The screen will now display tasks across various task lists. Users can select which tasks they like to bulk edit, and then decide what changes they would like to make. A number of options are available, including for followers. Here, users can modify the people following changes on the tasks, and people following comments on the tasks.

Teamwork Projects - Bulk Edit Tasks

Task Cards Enhancements

Teamwork Projects also made an enhancement of task cards on the board view. Previously, dates on the card are of one color. This somewhat made it unnoticeable for users to distinguish which tasks are overdue, due, or near its due. The August update now puts red dates on overdue tasks, blue dates on tasks due today, and orange dates on tasks due tomorrow. This simple color-coding of dates makes it easier for users to identify urgent tasks, even at a glance.

Teamwork Projects - Tasks Board

Create Shortcuts with the iOS Mobile App Update

Another major enhancement in the latest update is the ability for iOS users to create shortcuts. Users can create shortcuts on projects by pinning items. They can also create shortcuts associated with a person, task, task list, milestone and other project items. Moreover, when users create a shortcut on their mobile app, that shortcut will also be available on the web app, and vice versa. No need for double entry with a truly cross-platform application.

Skip Weekends, Everhour Integration, and more

Teamwork Projects latest update also includes other new features and enhancements. For example, the Gantt chart now has an option to skip weekends for project start dates and end dates. Users also have the option to show item name, assigned people or task duration. Another major announcement is the integration with Everhour for users who use this application for time tracking. Teamwork has its own native time-tracking system, but the integration reaches out to users who are already using Everhour and makes it easy to display logged times and estimates in their account.

Teamwork Projects Everhour Board

To learn more about the latest features and other updates, visit Teamwork also on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin.

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