Teamwork Projects – New Bulk Edit, Project Chart, Calendar, and More

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Teamwork Projects started the year with a complete re-engineering of the project management and collaboration software. Thereafter, new features, updates and improvements have rolled out to help teams get real results. The latest updates include bulk editing of tasks, custom sorting, more visual features to the project chart, and so many more. All of these are meant for teams to get organized better, collaborate effectively and get work done quickly.

Bulk Edit Tasks

Teamwork Projects answered the constant requests of users for a more powerful and flexible way to manage tasks. With Bulk Edit, users can edit several tasks together in the All Active Tasks and My Tasks sections. Together with filters, users are able to choose as many tasks in the All Active Tasks section and apply changes. They can edit the following information on several tasks at the same time:

  • Dates
  • Progress
  • Estimate time
  • Priority, and
  • Tags.

Users can also bulk edit tasks assigned to them by going to their profile, clicking My Tasks, and then using the checkbox to select specific tasks.

My Tasks Sorting

Also in the My Tasks section, users can now apply different sorts for their tasks. At the top right section, users can choose from the dropdown how they want their tasks sorted. They can sort by task list name, date added, due date, start date or by priority. The application remembers the user’s choice, so this custom setting can help with the type of workflow that works best for them.

New Project Chart Improvements

Another significant enhancement in this latest Teamwork Projects update are several small improvements to the Project Chart. For example, if a project is out of range and does not appear on the visible window, users can click on an icon that points left or right of the project’s start date. Upon clicking this icon, the current display will show the beginning of that project and will zoom on it.

Also, when hovering over a milestone, a tooltip appears that include a link to quick view the milestone. From there, users can edit, delete, complete it, add comment or notify other users. Moreover, a list is displayed in the popup when hovering over clashing milestones. Other improvements are for better displays, colors, menus and highlights.

Calendar Shortcuts

Users can now go to the week view or day view faster coming from the month view. By clicking the number of the week or day, they can instantly jump to the week view or day view. In addition, users can set the time of an event by simply typing the time together with the event name. For instance, when a user types Meeting with Conor 10AM, the start time will automatically set itself to 10AM.

Creating New User from Task

Teamwork Projects has a new and quick way to assign a task to a new user. When a new team member has not been created on invited to the application, the usual process can involve several steps. However, when users click on the Who should do this? dropdown, an option at the bottom of the list allows them to directly invite the new user. Another way is when typing the task name, simply type the ‘@’ sign to display a list of available users. Similarly, at the bottom of this list is the option to create and invite new users.

More Tags

Another most requested feature from users is the ability to add more tags to their tasks, projects and other functions. Hence, from the previous limit of 5 tags per item, the PM app now allows up to 8 tags on any item.

Big Improvements, Better Usability

Teamwork Projects is committed to becoming the most powerful and yet simple PM application for teams to collaborate and run their business. These updates will enable users to use the app better and see big improvements in their project management immediately. To read about these latest updates and other Teamwork news, visit them on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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