Teamwork Projects Latest Updates – September 2016

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Teamwork Logo DefaultTeamwork is a company created by top-notch developers, who are engaged in writing great codes and build world-class products for their customers around the globe. The crew has worked hard to come up with 12 new updates, all of which are listed below.

1. Card view for projects

Viewing your projects now has been made additionally visual, with their new ‘Card View’. It displays the avatar for people engaged in the project, so you can immediately get an idea on what each of your team members are working on.


2. Assign colors to projects

Each project at Teamwork can now be assigned a unique color. This gives you easy access to differentiate between projects and makes the task of organizing them easier. This tiny addition can bring about a great deal of respite to many of you.



3. Task templates

Task templates can be greatly handy and the team has now made the process of scanning through your templates a cakewalk. Templates can now be seen in the sidebar, which enables you to filter them at a rapid pace. Secondly, each template has its own dedicated page, indicating that you can share the url with an individual template. Instead of loading unwanted templates, head to the individual task list template directly.


4. Addition of mentions to project roles

You can now mention many people at once in a conversation based on the part they are playing on a project. However, you need to set up the roles before using this feature. Type the role name after ‘@’. The image below shows clearly on how to use the mentions feature.


5. Indent and outdent sub-tasks

Teamwork now allows you to organize your work effortlessly with its new feature called indent and outdent sub-tasks. For instance, if you want to build a huge task list for a brand new site, you can create a flat list instead of wasting time building tasks and sub-tasks. Hover your cursor to the name of the task and click on ‘Tab’. On doing so, the sub-task indents automatically.


6. New users section

In the past, whenever a new project was created, it entailed many clicks to add users to the project. Things have now gotten a bit smarter with the help of the new user section. Click on ‘Add Project’ and type the name of the person you want to add as shown below.



7. Updates to the ‘Add Event’ option in the calendar

Teamwork has made the process of setting reminders and inviting attendees easier by making minor alterations to the ‘Add Event’ option in the calendar. You can now filter the attendees quickly by simply typing out their name and have a glimpse of the images of people who are attending.





8. Edit your tasks using tooltip

If you want to see a task associated to a calendar, you need to abandon the calendar page. However, with a tootltip now being added to the calendar, you can see a preview screen on the right side simply by clicking on it. This way, you can edit the task while remaining in the calendar.


9. Tooltip for dependencies

The company has included a tooltip for dependencies that allows you to view tasks dependent on each other by watching out for the dependency symbol, which are two tiny boxes linked to each other. The tooltip appears once you hover on this.


10. New user avatars

If you are a new developing company, with new members being added everyday or if you have a poor memory, especially when it comes to remembering names, you’ll admire this latest addition at Teamwork. The new user avatars allows you to see whom you are mentioning or assigning a task.





11. Default avatars

Whenever a new user was added in the past, a default avatar was also added. Things have changed and now you can see the initials of the name of the new user, so you can easily identify the person.


12. More Options

As you can notice, Teamwork has made things as easy as possible. To make things extra interesting, they have placed options like Company, Description, Dates, Advanced, Features and People under a new button known as ‘More Options’. Consequently, new users just have to name their maiden project and then return to the options later on.



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