Teamwork Projects Introduces Board View for Tasks

Teamwork Projects is a powerful project management application that enables teams to collaborate in real-time. It was initially built to organize work and track project details. Over the years, features were added to also allow users to create their own process in managing projects. Consistent with this philosophy of flexibility, the latest feature now introduces the Board View for Tasks.

Board View Benefits – Improve Your Team’s Performance

With Board View, Teamwork Projects users now have an additional project view where they can create a visual workflow for their tasks. All project team members can create, view, change and update tasks in progress intuitively. The team is able to instantly identify the progress of the project. They can see status change and know who is working on what. Also, the overview can reveal the logistics of a project. Users can easily set up a board and a process that suits it. Furthermore, they can instantly see the accomplishment as the project moves along the stages, creating more motivation for the team.

How to Start Using Board View

It is easy to start using this new view. Users should go to the tasks section of the project they would like to create a board. At the moment, boards are project-specific. On the top right hand corner, underneath the Add Task List button, users will see the icons for list view and board view. Click the board view icon, and start adding columns and tasks. There are several ways to do these, and they are explained very well in this video.

Board View Features

Choose a View, or Switch between Views

Teamwork Projects Board View for Tasks includes several exciting features. Having the Board View together with the List View allows users to switch between views at anytime. Outside the Board View, users can see a label of tasks for their respective column so they know exactly where they belong.

Customize your Card

Users can use customization to show just how much or how little detail they like to see on the cards. They can customize the column settings menu and adjust the amount of information to be displayed.

Create an Automatic Sort

Board View also allows users to set a sorting option in each column. Users can decide how cards are grouped and in what way they appear. This helps users to view cards in a certain way for easier reading.

Archive Completed Cards

In the List View, completed tasks are hidden when the page reloads. In Board View, users have the option to archive completed cards. This means users can continue to see all cards, both completed and not completed, until they choose to clean up the board from completed cards.

Other features:

The Board View has many other features. They include

  • Easily moving cards across columns with simple drag and drop
  • Filter data in a single column or all columns at once
  • Support for Webhooks for more custom functionality
  • Define default columns on a board every time a new project is created, and
  • Fast speed when creating columns or moving cards.

Board View on Mobile

Board View is available on the app for iOS, and on Android very soon. This new feature is available to users in premium plans. Therefore, users on the move can easily view and interact with the cards with a few tap and swipes.

This is the first release of Board View for Tasks. Teamwork Projects is planning more features in the upcoming days. Learn more about upcoming Board View features and other Teamwork announcements or let them hear your feedback on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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