Teamwork Projects – Best Features of 2015

Teamwork is a widely popular project management tool that is renowned for its time tracking and team collaboration features. Without teamwork, a project team can struggle with communication and deliverables. Continuing with the promise of consistent improvement, Teamwork Projects in conjunction with Teamwork Desk and Teamwork Chat produced some epic new features this year. Here is a look at some of Teamwork Projects’ best bits of 2015.

Teamwork Projects Integrates with Teamwork Desk

Teamwork Desk and Teamwork Projects integrated perfectly. To add a task from your Teamwork Desk into your Teamwork Projects account, simply select the settings cog on the top right of your screen, and select add task or just press T on your keyboard. Select the project you want to add your task to, then select a task list, and the Teamwork Projects ‘add a task’ window pops up. Once you have added your task select ‘save my changes’ and now your task has been created within Teamwork Projects.

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Task Tags for Teamwork Projects

Teamwork takes user feedback seriously, and this is one of the most requested features. Add a tag to an existing task by clicking the ‘Tag’ icon and selecting the tag you have already created, or you can just create a new one on the spot. You can replace one tag with another, add multiple tags, merge tags, or create them on the go. When it comes to tag creation, you can lock it down to just the administrator, or allow all users to create them. And with just a few mouse clicks, find and report on all your tags in a project.

Tags on Everything

We have already seen that with Teamwork Projects you can tag tasks. However, now you can tag messages, projects, milestones, files, notebooks and links. To add a tag, you simply need to go to the respective area, select the ‘add tag’ button, and either select from an existing tag or add a new tag.

The Filter Bar

Now you can filter whatever you see on your screen on Teamwork Projects. For example if you are on the task bar, you can select the filter icon on the far right of your screen. Fill in the filter you want, for example ‘logo’, and all the results on screen will be filtered to show the ones that have the word ‘logo’ in it. You can also filter by tags, by selecting any existing tag, and the filtered results will appear on your screen. Lastly, you can also filter by user, by selecting a user to see all the tasks the particular user is involved in.

Invite New Users

You can invite users to Teamwork Projects through the app itself. Select the people tab on the top of your screen, then select ‘add user’. Put in their email and select the company, and send out the invite whenever you are ready. You can also fill in their details such as address and social media connections, and you can also set up their access level, such as being an administrator.

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Cross Project Dependencies

You can now create two tasks that are dependent on each other, and these tasks can be in different projects. You can create a task in your second project, then go back to your first project and add another task, then click on the dependencies icon, select ‘task’ and pick the task in the second project to be dependent on the task in the first project.

Using Gmail Action and The New Chrome Extension

When someone assigns you a task on Teamwork Projects and notifies you via Gmail, there is a button in the email that takes you straight to the item. Additionally, you can use the new Google Chrome extension to add tasks, create projects and even log time from anywhere within your browser, removing the need to be logged in to you Teamwork Projects account.

HubSpot Integration and Mobile Share Extension

You can create projects, tasks, messages, notebooks and more directly from HubSpot. You can also log your time from and connect Teamwork Projects items to your HubSpot items, and vice versa.

The Teamwork mobile app has a share extension where you can share any files directly from your mobile device to your Teamwork Projects account.

The Today Extension and Push Notifications for iOS

The new Today Extension for the Teamwork Projects‘ iPhone app can do various actions, all from the today section of your lock-screen.

In addition, they have introduced push notifications for their iOS app, allowing you to stay notified at all times.


Teamwork Promises to Deliver

Teamwork continues to break new strides and make their awesome application ever better. They focus on user feedback to creatively bring new features to the app. Finally, they have some big plans for the year ahead and can’t wait to continue making Teamwork better. To learn more about Teamwork, visit their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube pages.

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