Teamwork Projects and OneDrive for Business Integration

Teamwork Projects is the cloud productivity software that helps teams collaborate so they can get work done. It is a project management application that works great every day, even with 3rd party apps that people are already using. About a week ago, they released the latest integration with Microsoft OneDrive for Business. This sets a whole new level of possibilities for people with existing standalone Microsoft OneDrive for Business plan or other Office 365 plans with cloud storage. Integration to 3rd party apps is a feature included in Teamwork Projects Small Office, Professional and Business plans.

New Teamwork Projects and Microsoft OneDrive Integration

Teamwork Projects is a project management application that provides users a central workspace where teams can easily share files and collaborate. Every plan includes an online storage space that ranges from 20 GB to 500 GB. Over the years, however, integrations with other cloud storage solutions have also been implemented, including with Dropbox,, and Google Drive. Users have been requesting an integration with OneDrive for Business, and this is now available. The existing integration with OneDrive Personal allows only for small amounts of storage. However, this latest OneDrive integration enables business teams to work together on documents and link them to the PM app.

How To Set Up OneDrive Integration

To set up OneDrive for Business integration, the Teamwork Projects user with site administrator privileges should first enable it in the integrations area of the site settings menu. Then, integration must be enabled per project by the project administrator. He or she could be the site owner or admin of an owner company.

To connect Teamwork Projects site to the OneDrive account, the user must first authorize the PM app. On the site settings menu on the top right of the screen, choose Integrations. In the integrations area, the option to enable OneDrive for Business will appear. The user will then be prompted to fill in the login information and connect. After completing authorization, the user will be prompted to choose the top level folder. This provides control which files in the OneDrive account will be accessible from Teamwork Projects.


It is important to remember that the OneDrive for Business account connected to the project can be viewed and used by everyone on the project. Therefore, it is important to choose the base folder properly to make sure that it has only the files relevant to the project. Furthermore, Teamwork allows the user to set permissions on who can view those files. The 3 options are All Administrators, Administrators together with the owner company, and All People in the project.

Teamwork enables software that people already use work even harder for them through integrations. This latest integration with OneDrive for Business will definitely help teams who store and work with multiple documents and shared attachments. This feature can provide teams a better way of organizing their project documents in the most useful way. To check out the latest Teamwork features and other updates, visit them on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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