Teamwork Projects Adds Automated Triggers to Board View

Teamwork Projects released Board View for Tasks about two weeks ago. The new feature that enables users to have a more flexible project view was received very well. Users are able to create a visual workflow of their tasks, thereby improving the teams performance. But it was only the first release of Board view. True to the development team’s word, they just announced a new Triggers feature, a first of many updates still to come.

Triggers: What the new feature can do

Triggers are column features in Teamwork Projects boards that automate actions. Anytime a card is created or moved to a particular column, that action ‘triggers’ or sets in motion a preset action or set of activities that allow users to automatically change the properties in cards. It is a very useful functionality that helps automate the workflow process. It automatically happens whenever the status of cards or tasks change from column to column. Triggers can also do the following:

  • Instantly send notifications
  • Mark tasks as complete, and
  • Decrease the time users spend updating their boards.

How To Use Triggers

Teamwork Projects always consider speed and time important for users. Thus, triggers can be set with just a few clicks, allowing users to work faster and smarter as they use the project management application. To add a trigger, users should go to the column settings area, then click the ‘+ Add Trigger’ button. When adding a trigger, users can choose from 2 types of triggers, Auto Complete or Modify Properties. After selecting the type of trigger and other settings, users just need to click the Add Trigger button on the window, and finally on the Update button on the column settings.

Auto Complete Cards

An Auto Complete trigger in a particular column automatically marks a card as complete whenever a card is moved to the said column. For example, users create a Teamwork Projects board that defines their workflow process. Columns such as ‘Need to do’, ‘In progress’, and ‘Done’ contains tasks in their different stages. When the Auto Complete trigger is set in the column Done, all cards that are moved there are automatically marked as complete.

Modify Card Properties

Another type of trigger in Board View is the Modify Properties trigger. For instance, users create a board that has columns for the different departments of a company. A Design column can have a trigger such that any card moved to that column is automatically assigned to the designer of the project or company. Therefore, users no longer have to modify the name of the assignee manually.

Features that make a difference

Teamwork Projects is aiming to be a powerful project management tool that can help users work faster and smarter. Triggers are quickly and easily created. It can be edited or deleted anytime. Users can add more than one trigger in a column, and they will all be applied as cards are created in, moved to, or deleted from that column.

This is still an early edition of the Board View, and the development team is continuing to explore ways to add other requested features. To get the latest news about upcoming features and other announcements, visit Teamwork also on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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