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teamwork logoOne of the reasons that Teamwork is the favorite online project management and task management software of many is because they welcome customer feedback. They actively seek out what others think about the software and how they think it can be improved. One of the most critical users of Teamwork is the same team that develops it. To be able to deliver the features that their customers ask for, they need a task management tool that simplifies their work. Now, these new features remove all the annoyances that get in the way so they can easily deliver what their customers want.

Customizable Defaults for Tasks

Teamwork’s tasks and task lists provide users the control to better manage their deliverables and schedule. Before the release of this new feature, new tasks added to a task list come in default settings. Some of these settings are that tasks are assigned to anyone, there is no start date or due date, and there is no privacy, priority, or estimated time. However, it is common that in some task lists, the options for new tasks are the same. Thus, it becomes annoying and tiresome to change the defaults repetitively, especially if a great number of tasks is being added on this task list.

teamwork edit task list

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The default settings have always been there, but the new feature now allows the user to edit these settings when they edit an existing task list. When the Edit task list window opens, a tab named Advanced will show the defaults together with an Edit button. Upon clicking this button, a Defaults editor window with several tabs will appear. Going to the different tabs will allow the user to change who the task will be assigned to by default, the start and due dates, as well as the privacy, priority and progress settings.

teamwork defaults editor

Once the new default settings are saved and the windows closed, the user can try to add new tasks. They will now see that the defaults on the new task reflect the changes that have been made. Of course, changes can still be made. However, if the defaults reflect the actual settings most of the time, then time is saved instead of changing the defaults every time. In fact, one customer posted a comment about how they loved this new feature as they add 75 to 100 new tasks on the average per day.

teamwork new task

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Unsubscribing from Comment and Message Threads

Communication is central to the success of any project, and Teamwork recognizes this with the incorporation of several messaging features in its online project management software. For every task, users can be updated through email notification of what comments and responses have been made about it. Unfortunately, conversation threads can expand and branch out to other topics due to the number of people sharing their thoughts. Sometimes, they break out to something that is no longer important or relevant to a particular user. Getting all these notifications, going through them one by one and finding out that most of them does not concern you is not only frustrating but a waste of time.

teamwork email notification

With Teamwork’s new feature, users can unsubscribe to a comment and message thread by clicking a link at the bottom of the notification email. Upon clicking this link, a confirmation page will appear just to make sure the user has not clicked the link by accident. If it was by accident or if the user realizes and decides to stay in the loop, he or she can simply click a link from this confirmation page to re-subscribe.

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Making Life Easier

Teamwork’s new features may be viewed as simple, but what they do is save precious minutes to a person’s everyday project management work. And even when a short amount of time is saved from repetitive, daily tasks, it amounts to something significant in the long run. Stay updated about Teamwork through their social media pages: Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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