Teamwork Launches New Integrations Page and other Updates

Teamwork continues on its mission to become the most easy-to-use project management system. To make life as easy as possible to its now more than 1.4 million users, the Team builds more connections and integrations to other software and tools already used by people in their day-to-day business. As a result, they have launched a new integrations page solely dedicated to third party applications that works with their software. Other updates and enhancements were also released recently.

Brand New Integrations Page

Teamwork was designed to be the central point for getting things done. The Development Team knew that this means being able to integrate and work well with other applications such as email, file storage, accounting, help desk and other productivity tools that people have been using. Over the years, the number of applications that can be integrated grew, so the Team decided to build a dedicated page on the site solely to feature these apps.

teamwork 3rdpartyapps

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This new section truly makes it easier for users to see which apps integrate with the software. Each app with its logo is displayed in a grid or tiled format, categorized and described. They can be sorted according to most popular, most recent or in alphabetical listing.

teamwork integration page

More Updates and Enhancements

Faster Search

Making Teamwork easy to use also means making it fast. Users requested a faster Search function to find quickly the information they need. Background improvements have been made to give the software better speed and performance. Aside from this, additional advanced options now enable the user to search information faster inside archived messages.

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Quick Edit Task Dates

It is also now easier to adjust and edit task start dates and end dates with the latest release. Without having to open a task but simply hovering over the date in line with the task, a new date picker will pop open. From this pop-up calendar, the user can simply select the new start and end dates for the task. This is the latest among Quick Edit functions that have been introduced in previous months.

teamwork edit task dates

Easy Unfollow

Teamwork keeps track of every task on the project. Project managers and team members can easily follow a task to be updated of its status. However, following all tasks may be unnecessary. To keep things organized and with the proper priority, it is easy to unfollow these other tasks by simply replying to the email notification of that task. To unfollow, users only have to reply with the word #unfollow.

View File Details

Having all relevant files in one location makes it easier to manage a project. Teamwork is naturally being used by the team who built it to manage their files. To satisfy their own requirement, they included in this latest release the ability to view the tasks that are linked to a particular file while they are going over it on the files menu. To know more about the latest software updates, please go to their Twitter, Facebook or Google+ page.

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