Teamwork Latest Release Makes it Faster and Easier to Use

teamwork logoWhen Teamwork was launched in 2007, their mission was to build the fastest, easiest to use, best project management system in the world. While there were several superlatives in that mission statement, it was clear that after seven years and over a million projects later, this online project management software is well on its way to achieve its goal. However, as more customers come their way, expectations run higher than ever with requests for better features and user experience. Below are some of the latest enhancements and improvements in Teamwork as of March 2014.

Task Assignment by Project Role

Even before, assigning tasks and creating task lists with Teamwork has been quick and easy. Assigning tasks and subtasks to more than one staff, coworkers, or contractors has been possible and only takes seconds to do so. The latest enhancement to its task management feature now allows assigning of tasks by project roles. Users can create a specific role, for instance, developers, in projects and then assign tasks to this specific role. All users added to this role will then be assigned with the task delegated to this role. For example, assigning developers to build a web page requires the user to simply type “@developers” or the first few letters, and users with such role will receive the assignment.

teamwork assign tasks by roles

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Adding users to the Roles page is accomplished by simply clicking the plus icon to the right of the list of users. A user can have several roles as there is no restriction to the number of roles he or she can belong to.

New Interface for Adding People

Teamwork allows the addition and management of people easily. The interface for setting permissions and customizing settings with dropdown menus and checkboxes has been very user friendly. The latest release includes a new interface for adding people to projects. The previous interface includes a list of names and emails. Although simple to use, it definitely has some room for improvement. The new interface displays the users’ cards and icons. Choosing which ones to add is simpler as those already in the project are faded out. Also, a filter to show/hide people already in the project is available. Furthermore, a new filter to search for users by company and/or by name is available for faster and wider searches. And in case a new person needs to be added, a quick link Add people in the project’s overview cog will pop up as a time-saver.

teamwork add people to projects

Improved Integration with Freshbooks

This online project management software lets users track time and expenses and export them as invoices for several third-party billing applications. This latest release has improved its integration with Freshbooks by integrating not just at the project level but at a specific client level. By copying the details at the Freshbooks API tab to the Teamwork integration page, exporting the invoice now defaults to Freshbooks. Within the Teamwork projects page, nothing on the interface or process has changed. However, this makes it possible to log it as a new invoice or add it to an already created one and send it directly to the client within Freshbooks.

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teamwork freshbooks integration

More Options using Quick Add

Teamwork is designed to be intuitive so that users will have more time working on their projects instead of managing them. With this in mind, the team behind it has added more options to do things easily and quickly. By pressing “Q” on the keyboard or clicking the Quick Add menu in the top right, several options are shown. Logging time is now possible whatever or wherever users are in the system. What is needed is to pick the project, write a short description and enter the time either in decimal format or the hours: minutes format. Another new option is to add a message to a current project or to any project selected from the dropdown menu. The usual message formatting, category, notification and privacy options are presented.

teamwork quick add

The Practical Choice

With Teamwork project management software, users always have a better way to run their business. It is a practical choice to get organized and simply get things done.

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