Teamwork January 2016 Update Focuses on iOS App

Teamwork Projects is an effective project and task management tool that helps keep your business running like a well-oiled machine. In a world where the pace at which business is conducted is ever-increasing, the need for organized project management and task planning cannot be over-stated. With their on-going efforts to get their customers more organized, they have announced a series of handy user experience improvements to their fast-growing iOS customer base.

Quick Add Button

To improve the productivity of the user and increase the overall efficiency, Teamwork have introduce a Quick Add Button to their iOS app. Think of this as the ‘Home’ button on your iPhone. This is your one-stop button to add tasks, compose messages, add events or milestones, log time or upload important files. Simply give the ‘Plus’ icon a tap, and watch the options pop-up in front of you.


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Chatting with the Mobile App

Need to quickly remind your colleague of an impending deadline? Need a quick status update on an on-going task? With Teamwork, now you can chat with your team members straight from your mobile. Simply click the People Tab on the top-left of your screen, click on the name of the colleague you want to chat to, and tap the ‘Chat With’ option on the top of the screen. This opens the browser version of Teamwork Chat where you can chat away!

Top Tips for Using the iOS App

  • Simple and Effective Navigation – No clunky, unattractive ‘Back’ buttons here. What is this, 2015? Oh no. Just swipe to the right, and it will take you to the screen you were on previously. It couldn’t be simpler!
  • Quick Task Assignments – While creating a task, you can now assign it to yourself by just swiping right on the ‘Assigned To’ button. Voila!
  • Effortlessly Share Files on your Phone – Now all you have to do to assign a file (such as a pdf, or an image) on your phone to a project or task, is to simply click on the ‘Share’ button on the bottom left of your Apple device, select ‘Projects’, select the name of the relevant project and then simply add the file to it.

Constantly Improving

The sole aim of Teamwork Projects is to help you get more organized. For this reason, they continue to strive to push out fixes and updates on a regular basis that will make using the app almost second nature to your planning. The team is currently working on a database project that will enhance the speed and performance of Teamwork Projects, and will also help push out those time-consuming updates faster. For a complete list of features and bug-fixes in this update, visit the Updates Page. For all the latest announcements and updates, visit their Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn page.

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