Teamwork Introduces New Features & Integration with iDoneThis

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teamwork logo darkTeamwork has been improving continuously, and once again, they have got exclusive features to offer. No wonder it is becoming quite popular amongst users. This time, they have come out with a couple of new features and integration with a popular application.

New Feature: User’s Logged Time Tab

Time tracking is a very significant aspect when managing strict timeline based projects on Teamwork. Logged Time Tab makes it simpler for you to visualize the hours that have been recorded by the users. This way it would be easier for you to analyze the workload of every team member and how they have been managing the timelines. Accessing this new feature is quite easy. The logged time tab is available in the User Profile section of Teamwork. To access this feature, go to the People section located on the top bar of your Teamwork Project Manager Account, or click on the User icon on the top-right corner.


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Introducing Teamwork Chat

Strong coordination and communication amongst the team members is essential for timely completion of a project. Teamwork now facilitates real-time messaging and helps you to remain in constant contact with your team. When you are in touch with your team you can help them make smart and timely decisions. Technology has been improving with every passing day and facilitates the user in a better way. Nowadays email may not be the most efficient way to communicate with your team members. Sometimes a split second decision can change the future of a project. Teamwork chat has been designed with this perspective so that there is no communication gap and no loopholes. Follow up action is also needed for all the conversations to contribute to an actual action. You would also be able to push information and tasks from teamwork Chat to your Project Manager account in the future, as the capable team of Teamwork is now working on this feature.


Using Teamwork Chat provides valuable incentives, and the beta version is available for Mac and Windows. The iOS, Linux and Android Teamwork Chat versions will also be available in the near future. The best part is that Teamwork chat Beta version is available for existing users. You can explore it and use it. You would also be able to get hold of a standalone version of Teamwork chat once the final and complete version is launched. Accessing the beta version of Teamwork chat is easy. You can simply log into your current account using your credentials for

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Integration with iDoneThis

idonethis-teamworkA good project manager needs to keep a check on the productivity of their team, and iDoneThis is greatly helpful in this regard. Therefore, iDoneThis has been directly integrated with Teamwork for making it simpler for users to keep their team updated with the current happenings. If you are an administrator, then you simply need to turn on the integration in the Settings tab. The integration can be found in the Settings/Integration tab. Every user would need to enable the integration tab for their use. The steps are quick and simple.

Click the user icon and visit the “My Profile” section.



Click Integration tab and you will find the iDoneThis Personal settings option there.


Click the settings option. Enter your iDoneThis API key provided by You would need to fill two more fields as well. One is Team to Post to and the second is when do you want to post. Once you have filled these three fields click the update button.


That’s it! After the completion of integration, any tasks you complete or time you log on Teamwork will reflect on the daily digest on iDoneThis. Simple and useful.

Teamwork Continues to Deliver

As usual, Teamwork delivers amazing new features based on user feedback, and promises to continue to do so. Customers can give their feedback and suggestions on their social media pages: Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.Take me to their Website

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