Teamwork Announces Updates for Workload and Time Log Entry

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teamwork logo darkTeamwork online project management and task management software has announced updates for its latest version. In the Development Team’s effort to provide the best features that enable users to have complete control and the right information, two changes have been implemented. First, tasks assigned to multiple resources will display a more accurate amount of time per resource. Second, the time logged is more editable by an additional option. These updates ensure that users will have less time to administer the project and more time to actually work on the project.

Workload and Time Computation Changes

Teamwork is one of the first online project management software that enabled users to assign tasks to several people. However, some changes have to be made when computing for the time assigned to resources in order to have a more accurate picture of the workload. Before, when a task estimated to be completed in one hour is assigned to three resources, the Workload would assign one hour to each person. This is not always correct.

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With the latest update, when a one-hour task is assigned to three resources, the Workload now divides the total estimated time equally to each of the resource. Thus, each resource will now be assigned 20 minutes to complete the task. However, it is different when a task is divided to multiple resources, and each resource is assigned a new task with a specified estimated time. In this case, the estimated time of the original task will be the total estimated of each new task assigned to every resource.

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Time Log and End Date Changes

Teamwork‘s time tracking features enable its users to easily log time in a number of ways. Among them is the ability to use the software’s timer, a timer app, to enter time on a task directly from the task page, and to enter time freehand. Before, users can enter project time for a particular date with the option of entering the start time and entering the time spent. Adjustments made on how much time is spent would automatically adjust the start time.

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Now, logging time is more flexible with the addition of an end time. When logging time, users can select the date, enter a start time and the time spent. The end time will automatically be set. When the time spent is edited, the start time will automatically adjust, keeping the end time as is. When the start time is edited, the time spent will automatically adjust, keeping the end time constant. When the end time is edited, the time spent will also automatically adjust, keeping the start time as is. Except when the time crosses to a new day, the end time will be blank, because time entry should only have one date.

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Making Teamwork More Valuable for Customers

Teamwork online project management and task management software follows a development roadmap that is based on user feedback. All new features and updates are based on how the software will become more valuable for its customers. To know more of what is the latest, visit their social media pages: Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.

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  1. Laurent LE BRETON says:

    Very interesting. Do you know if there is a way to track resources workload individually to ensure everybody is not overloaded or underloaded ? Ideally with nice graphs showing the daily workload and if the limit is crossed or not ?

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