Teamwork Announces New Embedded Chat For Instant Communication

Teamwork software helps teams work together so they can focus on being productive and brilliant. Founded in 2007, it continues with its mission of enabling teams to work together faster and more efficiently. In February, it introduces its new brand and look, with a more cohesive visual identity representing a suite of products. The rebranded Teamwork is now better in handling scalability and performing consistently across multiple products. Recently, it introduces the Embedded Chat feature, which allows users to communicate to any team member from within any Teamwork product.

Introducing Embedded Chat

Today, teams are usually switching from one browser tab to another to work with different applications. Unfortunately, multitasking affects productivity in a negative way, making people lose more time than save it. The solution is improved and seamless integration of the best applications in one platform. The new Embedded Chat is an integrated instant messenger that provides users of any Teamwork product a quick and effective way to create conversations. They are able to chat directly with an individual or group without having to navigate away from the page or screen they are on. This new feature allows users to engage with co-workers while working on a task on Projects, or discussing a ticket on Desk.


Teamwork Chat Benefits

Teamwork Chat is a free enterprise chat software within the Teamwork suite of products. Users of Teamwork Projects or Teamwork Desk can take advantage of the benefits it can give any team. For starters, it gives the team a platform for instant communication. Team members, wherever they are, can be kept in the loop for smoother and more effective collaboration. Integration with Teamwork Projects allow conversations and decisions to be turned quickly into tasks, capturing completely the thought and transforming it into the process.

How to enable Embedded Chat

To enable Teamwork Chat, users with company site administrator rights simply have to go to their profile icon on the top right, and select Settings from the dropdown menu. In the Settings area, go to the Integrations tab to see an option to connect to Teamwork Chat. Click the Connect button. Once Teamwork Chat is enabled in the user’s site, enabling the Embedded Chat takes only a few steps. They should select the Settings cog icon at the bottom left of the Teamwork Chat window. In the Settings area, select the Integrations tab. From there, they can just toggle on the Embedded Chat. It will then be accessible to the user from all his or her Teamwork accounts.

Helping Teams Work Together and Create Conversations Better

Embedded Chat in Teamwork is a step towards helping all teams to be able to work together better. That means being able to communicate openly and collaborate wholeheartedly while keeping each one accountable for their work. With access to smart, modern tools, teams have become more free and creative to focus on things that are important to achieve their goals. To learn more about new features and other product or company announcements, follow Teamwork on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram.


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