Teamwork – Adding Tasks Made Easier!

A novelty feature has been added to Teamwork this month – shorthand creating and assigning tasks. The purpose of this feature is to make editing and creating tasks more efficient, which speeds up the progress of a project. You can use this feature by entering shorthand commands on the Tasks page. Many of the shorthand commands are the same as the reply-by-email feature commands.

Let’s present this with an example: @james @peter [start today] [due tomorrow] Let’s complete this task by tomorrow. If you enter this shorthand command, it will assign the task titled “Let’s complete this task by tomorrow ” to James and Peter. The start date will be today, and the due date will be tomorrow.


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Helping Feature – Suggestions

The companion feature to shorthand task managing is the suggestions dropdown menu. This helps you by making suggestions as you type. For example, if you start adding a shorthand task and type @ad the dropdown menu will suggest a list of names of participants on the project whose names start with ‚Äòad’. Then you can simply click on the names or press the down arrow on your keyboard to enter them into the task. If there is only one suggestion on the dropdown list, pressing the spacebar key will select it. You can hide the dropdown suggestions by pressing the ‚Äòesc’ key


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Shorthand Commands

  • Adding Participants to Tasks – @Name is the shorthand for assigning the task to the person whose name you put in. If there are more people of the same name, you can enter the first letter of the surname to specify which person you mean (eg. @adam b). @CompanyName is a command which you can use to add all employees of a certain company to the task.
  • Choosing Dates of Tasks – You can select the start and due dates of a task by simply writing ‚Äòstart’ or ‚Äòdue’ in front of the date. They both go inside square brackets. Example: [Due today] or [start next week]. All commands are case-insensitive so there is no need for capitalization. If another date is entered after the previous one, the first one will be considered obsolete and invalid. For example, if you’ve entered [Due Tomorrow] and then later added [Due next week], next week will be considered the due date.
  • Setting Priority – You can choose how important the task is by typing in one of the three priority options: !!! High, !! Medium, or ! Low.
  • Email Notifications – To send an email notifications to assigned users simply add +Notify by email.


Additional Tips

Your task commands can be edited before you add a title by simply pressing the right and left arrow keys on your keyboard. This will go through all your commands and highlight one-by-one. When a command is highlighted, you can simply press the delete key or backspace to remove it.

Apart from these awesome new features, this month Teamwork has also made other general improvements to performance so you might notice that everything on the Tasks page loads much faster.

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