Teamlab Latest News – Version 7.6.0 Now Available

teamlab logoTeamlab Office has released Version 7.6.0 that includes new features, visible enhancements and hidden tweaks. From the start, it has promoted a single and central multi-featured system that will eliminate the need to switch back and forth between multiple platforms. Thus, it is no surprise that the latest release includes feature upgrades in the document, CRM, projects, and mail major systems as well as under-the-hood improvements across the entire system. With Version 7.6.0, users will continue to have a central place for cloud office applications capable of delivering multifunctional services.

Reinforced Document Management and Control

Teamlab offers a powerful documentation control system, and the latest version has reinforced its file management system even more. Even before the latest release, users are able to exert significant control of documents with its version and revision control system. Version 7.6.0 now can track minor revisions in all file versions. For every document of a particular version, minor changes are tracked and saved creating a revision of that version. Document authors can also manually group all related revisions and update its number into a version. Comments to each revision can be made that will be displayed in its history. The lock option prevents other users from editing a document, and the version of that document is automatically updated when unlocked.

teamlab version 7_6_0 document management

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CRM Invoicing and Speed Enhancements

Teamlab Office 7.6.0 CRM module is faster because of under-the-hood improvements. Switching between CRM module elements now takes place immediately with no page reloads. But aside from faster performance and response, the latest release also has a new invoicing system that eliminates the need to buy, learn, open and use another application. This cloud business solution allows users to create a payment document for their clients and subcontractors. Within their portal, they can crate an invoice, select their clients and consignees, complete required fields like due date and currency, sent it via the system’s mail, and can even link it with a sales opportunity.

teamlab version 7_6_0 invoicing

Multiple Projects Gantt View

Teamlab‘s Project Management module has also gone through some speed tuning and is now faster with fewer page reloads. Even before the release of Version 7.6.0, users are able to analyze project progress and task dependencies. With an interactive Gantt chart, they are able to update dates, events, and deadlines in a few mouse clicks. Now, with the updated Gantt diagram 2.0, users have the capability to view project progress and task dependencies of multiple projects simultaneously. They can see now all their projects at a glance with a Gantt view.

teamlab version 7_6_0 gantt chart

Mail Customizations and More

Teamlab Office 7.6.0 makes team collaboration easy by providing users a way to manage all their emails centrally. The latest release comes with some new customizations and automations. Users can now add a custom signature such as a text, image or HTML code at the bottom part of every email. Also, the email-in feature can be set to automatically save attachments to a specified folder. Portal security has also been upgraded with a two-step verification. If users choose this option, every time they successfully sign in, they will be requested to enter a confirmation code which they will receive via SMS to the number they have provided. This option is available only for owners and administrators of paid portals. For more latest news, visit their social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

teamlab version 7_6_0 mail

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