Targetprocess New and Improved Features in Latest Releases

targetprocess 3 logoTargetprocess 3 agile project management software is a work management tool with a focus on visualization and flexibility. Since its release in 2014, it has added enhancements, improvements and fixes to provide its customers the visibility to efficiently manage complex work as well as provide flexibility to use Scrum, Kanban or any other process and approach. In the recent weeks, it has updated the software with improvements in custom graphical reports, QA functionality, request/bug tracking, and a few others contained in the latest releases.

Custom Graphical Reports

Targetprocess visual project management software provides its users different ways to plan and track their project and process. A couple of months ago, improvements were made in how the graphical report axes are ordered. Starting from release 3.7.6, date axes now appear in chronological order. Thus, reports that shows an iteration, release or team iteration are sorted by their Start Date. Also, the data category ‘Entity State’ will be shown in graph reports according to how they are arranged in the Process Workflow. They are grouped and ordered similarly for Reports, Boards and List views.

targetprocess 376 state order

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A new type of report has been added called the stacked bar chart. It is a bar chart that displays cumulative effect. It can also show comparison of the contributions of individual teams in relation to the whole effort or value. As an example, the effort of individual teams involved in every release can be shown in a bar chart where each team’s contribution is identified by a different bar color. Also, users now are able to build reports based on categories such as Tags, Time and Assigned Effort.

targetprocess 376 stacked chart

Targetprocess is a powerful tool used in request management or product management. Making it even more useful are improvements made in the QA Area. The latest release allows users to put test cases in a different order in different test plans. For instance, in Test Plan 1, test case A goes before test case B. Now, test case B can be executed ahead of test case A in a new Test Plan 2. Also, there is a quick way to review a user story test run results with just a click of a new button that will open said results.

targetprocess 376 qa area

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Merged Duplicate Bugs or Requests

The visual project management software also released recently a feature to merge duplicate Requests or Bugs. The relations type Duplicate has been existing before, but now a Duplicate list appears on view below the entity state. There is also a new Merge button that triggers several actions. First, attachments from duplicates not in the final state are added to the primary entity. Second, descriptions and comments are also copied as a comment tree to the primary entity. Last, all duplicates are moved in their final state, tagged as ‘merged’ and a comment with a link to the primary state is added. When a Request is merged, all unique requester names are also added to the primary entity.

targetprocess 377 merge duplicate

Parallel Data in Graphical Reports

The latest Targetprocess release 3.7.8 two weeks ago included another graphical report enhancement. The Parallel Data feature now enables users to add several data plots to the same axis, which will be displayed simultaneously. For example, users can create a report that shows by week on the x axis, the minimum, average, and maximum Cycle Time trends for user stories on the y axis, and be grouped by teams per graph.

targetprocess 378 parallel report

Bug Fixes

Targetprocess 3 agile project management also included several bug fixes in the previous three releases that this article covered. Some of these are the resolution of the Quick Add performance, the inability to add a new tab to the Requester view, the broken Visual Encoding tab in IE10, the auto closing Quick Add popup in the list view, the corrupted emoji in descriptions and comments and several others. For more information about the latest Targetprocess updates and enhancements, please visit their Facebook, Twitter or Google+ page.

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