Targetprocess Announces Workflows for Functional Teams

targetprocess 3 logoTargetprocess agile project management software continues to release features and functionality that allow its users to adjust the software according to their process. The latest feature now enables functional teams to work on the same work item one after another. In the past, users create project workflows where a team or teams work on a project and follow the same states. Then the Team Workflow released a year ago allowed teams to create and use their custom workflows for all items not affecting other teams. The latest feature now provides more flexibility to users who can custom-fit current process according to their needs.

For Teams Working Sequentially

Targetprocess recognizes that companies can use functional teams to work on the same item. This item can be a feature or a user story for a product. For instance, functional teams of Analysts, Development and Delivery staff can work on a product feature one after another. This simply means that the final state of a work item in one functional team is the first state for the next functional team.

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When the Analysts functional team started working, they will move the work item to the different states of Open, Analysis, and Done. Since the Development functional team is the next team to work on the item, once it reaches the Done state from the Analysts team, it is now at the Open state of the Development team. The sequence will move on until it reaches the last state of the last functional team in sequence.

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Project State vs Team State

Targetprocess agile project management software provides project visibility to all users depending on the views they create and customize. The project manager might be interested in the whole Project workflow in a horizontal lane with its corresponding Project states in vertical lanes. A functional team may only be interested in the workflow of their own functional team, and so moves and monitors the work item in their defined Team states. Teams or Team workflows are displayed also as horizontal lanes under a larger project workflow. The Team states are confined vertically within the corresponding individual Project states that make up the whole Project workflow.

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Pass a Work Item Automatically

The new Workflow Management for Functional Teams feature of the latest Targetprocess release automatically maps the last state of the previous functional team’s workflow to the next team’s initial state. Following our previous example, when the work item reaches the Done state of the Analysts workflow, it will appear in the Open state of the Development functional team’s workflow, and so on. However, a team can create their own view by choosing the Team State to display only the vertical lanes that form their part of work. In this case, once the Analysts team moves the work to the Done state, it disappears from their Kanban board completely, because the work item is automatically passed to the Open state of the Development team, which is excluded in the current view.

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Visible Responsibility

Targetprocess agile project management enables users to have complete visibility of their work. If a user opens a work item, it will see all the different states defined in the workflow. It will also display the division of the states under the responsibility of which team. A functional team can be responsible to more than one project state. For example, the Development team is responsible to both the development and testing states of the workflow. It will also display the current team responsible for the work item’s current state with the Responsible icon displayed next to the team’s name. In the example, the work item is in the Review state of Analysis workflow, so the Analysts team is responsible for it.

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