Targetprocess 3 Latest Release Includes New Features and Performance Enhancements

targetprocess-logoTargetprocess agile project management software has released version 3.2.1 recently, and it is full of features and enhancements that users can be excited about. Since the major launch of version 3 last April, it has brought greater focus on how users can look at work in different ways. This release continues on that direction but is not limited on what people can see, but also has performance enhancements that users can notice as they use the software.

Feature-Bug Direct Relation Added

Version 3.2.1. has added a feature-bug direct relation. When developers work on a certain software project, they have user stories to help them define or create features that will be useful to the end user. As they develop the features, they encounter issues and bugs. To better organize information and direct the effort in resolving these bugs, Targetprocess is now able to directly link bugs to a feature and to a user story. So, when looking at the details of a particular bug, information related to which feature it affects or shows up is clearly provided.

targetprocess feature-bug link

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Plan and Unplan Actions Added

Another feature added is the ability to set Planned Start and Planned End dates with one click. Returning the entity to the backlog is just as easy. This feature greatly speeds up how users can work on the Timeline view of the agile project management software. These actions are added as context menu. For the Unplan action, it only works for entities that are already included to the timeline. For the Plan action, the Planned dates are set to Actual dates. In case the Actual End date is missing, it sets the Planned End date to “now. ” These dates displayed in a timeframe make it easier to see which work items belong to a certain release.

targetprocess plan-unplan action

Board View Sharing Added

Targetprocess has also added the feature that allows the user to share board views to customers who are not necessarily registered users of the software. This mashup can be installed from the Mashup Library in Settings>Mashups by anyone who thinks they need the feature for their customers. Once installed, this can be activated from the Actions menu where a Share Board button can be clicked. A shared Board view can then be removed using the Manage your public boards link.

targetprocess board view sharing

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Auto-close Tasks for Done User Stories

Aside from new added features, Version 3.2.1 also includes performance enhancements that speed up the process of how people generally use the agile project management software. For example, an option to automatically close all tasks related to a user story that has been completed and closed is now available. In configuring the options for the Process-Planning settings, there is a checkbox that when ticked will automatically move all tasks within a user story to a final state when that user story’s state is changed to final.

targetprocess tasks auto-close option

Faster Reload of Views

Another performance enhancement of this latest Targetprocess release is the option to reload a view with one click instead of refreshing the page using the web browser. This view reload is significantly faster because it only reloads the current view and not the whole page and all the elements it contain. This feature is automatically available to all version 3 users. All pop-up views load faster now as well.

targetprocess view-only reload

Simple, Visual and Powerful Agile Tool

Targetprocess agile project management software included bug fixes and system improvements for the latest release. For instance, attachments that used to stay as Helpdesk Requests are now converted into Bugs, Features, Tasks or Stories. Columns that overlap in the History tab if it has more than 50 records have been expanded. A JUnit plugin now has a failure comment. Also a CSV file gets the same filename as the exported view. To know more about the latest, visit their social media pages: Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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