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strategies for project sponsorship book coverStrategies for Project Sponsorship is a unique and definitive guide for project professionals and executives. It is a book about project sponsorship but viewed from different perspectives, that of the project manager, the project sponsor, and senior executives of the organization. A project sponsor is concerned with the identification and definition of a project, while a project manager is concerned with the delivery of an already defined project. Unfortunately, project managers often have to work with sponsors who are not trained for their role or do not have an idea about how projects are planned, executed and delivered. The whole organization suffers as well when roles are not fully grasped and resources are not fully utilized.

Book Details

The paperback edition was published in May 2013 by Management Concepts Press. It has 204 pages and about 0.7 inch thick. The title is displayed visibly in the middle, with the names of the authors listed just below it. The publisher’s name is at the bottom part and the front cover has a greenish-colored background. ISBN-10: 1567264069; ISBN-13: 978-1567264067


$40.50 for the book edition and $16.85 for the Kindle edition


Target Audience

Strategies for Project Sponsorship is for project managers who need techniques and practical methods to get the best out of the project sponsor they work with. The book is also for people who are given the role of project sponsor, so they can understand their function and work effectively with project managers. It is also for senior executives and members of professional associations who need a better understanding of project sponsorship and project management.

What Customers Say

Michael Greer described it as an instant PM classic. Some of the reasons he stated are the wisdom shared in the book which comes from real-world experience, the insights that can only be gained after spending many years in PM, and the practical, easy-to-use tools that project managers can utilize.

Douglas Robertson stated that he will read it again and keep it in his library as reference. He described it as a quick read packed with useful checklists and examples. He liked it that the authors get to the point.

Content, Approach, Style

Strategies for Project Sponsorship has an introduction and then is divided into three parts. The first part is for the project manager, the second part for the project sponsor, and the third part for the organization. The introduction defines what project sponsorship is. The first part for the project manager contains four chapters, such as Preparing to work with the Sponsor, Working with a Sponsor, and Working with Challenging Sponsors. The second part for the Sponsor contains two chapters, which are about sponsoring the first project and the sponsor’s responsibilities and best practices. The third part for the organization contains a chapter on how to develop the sponsor.

As can be seen, the book is divided according to its intended audience. It presents concepts, scenarios, examples and practical methods. The presentation is organized and the language used is easy to understand. Terms are defined. Paragraphs are of readable length with appropriate headings and subheadings. The book also used bulleted lists and figures. The appendices provided checklists and reference to other useful resources.

Why Buy the Book

Strategies for Project Sponsorship is an important reference because not only does it explain the role of a project sponsor, but also how a project manager can effectively interact with the sponsor to bring out the best in their roles, responsibilities and interactions. Having a clear role and performing it well benefits the project as well as the organization.

Books that Complement

Paul Roberts’ Guide to Project Management discusses an approach of engaging project stakeholders effectively and explaining the different processes involved in a project’s phases.

Business Analysis for Dummies is a helpful guide that will enable a project sponsor to use the correct tools and techniques in establishing properly the project’s business case.


Vicki James has been a project professional since 1999. She has spent 11-years in the public sector, particularly involved with web application systems that support hundreds of state agencies and budget staff for the State of Washington. Under the Office of Financial Management, she has managed project teams in planning, executing and implementing IT projects. She is a PMP and a CBAP. She has been a part-time instructor, senior consultant, trainer, presenter and author. Vicki is currently the Director of BA at Watermark Learning and President of IIBA Seattle Chapter.

Ron Rosenhead has personally trained over 10,000 people and facilitated numerous workshops across different countries. He is the CEO of Project Agency, a UK training company that provides project management training. He has more than 25 years experience as a trainer, coach, and consultant, who specializes in helping organizations deliver projects successfully. Ron is a professional speaker, a blogger, and author of Deliver That Project. He enjoys working with individuals, groups and organizations working on their own agenda.

Peter B. Taylor has authored and co-authored more than a dozen books, such as The Lazy Project Manager and The Lazy Winner. For 27 years, he has taken the roles of business consultant, project manager, program manager, client director, and PMO director. Peter is currently the CEO of The Lazy Project Manager Ltd, a UK-based PM organization that provides clients all over the world with alternative PM training, executive coaching in sponsorship and project leadership, PMO services, and inspiring presentations.

$40.50 for the book edition and $16.85 for the Kindle edition


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