Stop Killing Motivation: How to Improve It

motivating-employeesIf you want to ensure that your employees are doing their best and thrive in the work environment, motivation is the best way to go. It’s a powerful technique as it makes people want to achieve the company’s objectives, and be first in everything they do. Motivation, however, decreases or even dies in a matter of days for various reasons, let’s look at some of these now. Then, we have a video for you that shows how easy it is to make motivation skyrocket in the workplace.

1. Keep The ‚ÄòToxic’ People Away

Everyone has met a ‚Äòtoxic’ person at least once. They are very destructive and exhausting to talk to, let alone collaborate and build a business with. Because of their ability to suffocate the positive energy and spread negativity and pessimism around, avoid having such people in your company to keep the motivation at the right level.

2. Always Communicate

Inadequate communication within the company can be very destructive in terms of motivation because the employees can spend the entire day wondering about what they are doing there. Lack of communication leads to a number of negative outcomes, such as insufficient sharing of data and information, missed deadlines, incorrect interpretation of tasks, and duplication of non-critical positions.

3. Always Appreciate

If someone should be praised for outstanding work, do it. Non-financial motivation has been proved to work a long time ago, so take advantage as well. Appreciating the employees will show them your commitment to their success, and it makes everyone feel good. Just a simple “thank you ” is a great start. Keep the positive energy flowing.

4. Be a Good Leader

If the team has a good leader, every member feels appreciated and motivated. On the other hand, bad leadership can affect employee’s initiatives and the quality of work. It is best to develop your leadership skills to a level that everyone can appreciate.

5. Provide Opportunities for Professional Development

Professional development has been identified as one of the most effective non-financial motivation strategies, which allows employees to become better at what they do. Again, it shows that the company cares about the staff by providing them career growth and opportunities. Moreover, the investment in the success of others will eventually pay off by better organizational performance. It’s a win-win situation.

6. Be a Visionary

If the team of employees sees no direction and focus, they will think that the company wastes their time because the work leads them nowhere. To keep the motivation high, show the employees that you see the big picture and are going in the right direction.


The guidelines above are explained to avoid motivation killers and maintain motivation at an optimum level. This is essential in modern business. Check your workplace for these killers and make sure to eliminate them as soon as you can. At first it may seem like a lot; however, the outcome will always be positive because motivation benefits everyone in the company and contributes to better performance.

For more on workplace motivation check-out this video. After watching this video, you will have learned about employee autonomy, the need for a challenge, mastery, and purpose. It’s not all about money!


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