Stop Disputes: How To Resolve Conflicts With 3 Useful Skills

Incidents of conflicts between fellow employees, from personal clashes to culturally based dissensions, and disputes between colleagues are typical situations that almost every employee experiences in the workplace.

It is imperative to fix relationship issues among members as soon as it rises to avoid further adverse effects not only on the other employees but also to the company as a whole. It is always a challenge to be able to negotiate and deal with any work conflicts.

As a team leader, it’s not just about being the best in outreach blog or any other assigned job. To be an effective leader means being able to take control and manage disagreements between co-workers.

Most of the time, it’s inevitable that every conflict needs face to face, e-mails, or phone confrontations to resolve the problems. With this, here are the three essential dispute resolution skills that every competent leader needs to have for an effective conflict management.

1. Self-Management

It is crucial for every individual to have the ability to evaluate oneself and change his thoughts that seize the rational thinking into giving into emotional feelings. Make self-management be the first step to consider in every conflict management.

When the negotiation turns to its most heated part, spend some time to take a break from the discussion. This way, it will help both parties to think, declutter their thoughts, and see the larger picture of the problem.

2. Manage Conversations

Amidst heated discussions and irrational comments, manage to see and understand the primary concern that is the root of the conflict. Be willing to listen and provide an environment where everyone can feel open and comfortable in voicing out their views.

Most of the time, it is better to have an adept structure of how to discover the underlying problem that needs major solution amidst emotional outbursts. Additionally, avoid using the pronouns like “you” and “I.” This way, it is much easier to resolve conflicts because it communicates in a more collaborative system instead of the individual term.

3. Team Relationships

After mastering the preceding two skills, it will support the third practice. The overall good team relationships require a lot of effort. As a great team manager, it is a valuable skill to make the people in the group treat each other with concern.

Most of the time, apology makes the top step of resolving a conflict. An apology is a representation of facing the consequences for every action. Make it easier for both parties to admit mistakes and realize the outcome of the misunderstanding.

Trust building and spending time in core individual relationships are the keys to establish a good team relationship that will be stable for a long-term.


Whether it is a small company that specializes in blogger engagement or other business corporation, work environment becomes filled with agitation and tension when there is a conflict that has not yet subsided between the involved parties.

For every dispute that arises in every workplace, there is a need for someone to take the stand and pursue the collaborative solution. It is always the team leader’s responsibility to step forward and take the challenge in leading the conflict towards its end.

With the heated arguments and disagreements, instead of allowing it to have the divisive effects, use the separate energies to unite the team to create healthy relationships and aims towards a better performance in the workplace.

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