Stanley E. Portny – An Unconventional & Successful Figure in the World of PM

Stan PortnyIn our modern-day business environment with continuing challenges and constantly growing demands, the vast majority of organizations seeks the sensible solution to complete their projects on time and keep their business stable. In this constant flux of changes, many companies cannot orient themselves in the right direction and reach their goals. The very huge challenge comes from downsizing, that hits not only the team members, but also their managers. In this way, the very core of Stanley E. Portny’s concept of “Power of People” Project System can make the huge contribution to contemporary project management and help organizations to go with the flow. Now, when the people resources are threatened the most, Stanly Portny’s original approach of project management that emphasized humanistic dimension in business practice can bring the revival in modern business.

Introducing Stanley Portny

Stanley E. Portny has more than 30 years of experience in the field of project management. He is a certified Project Management Professional with more than 150 companies and more than 50,000 trained people in his reference list. Apart from being a best-selling author of Project Management for Dummies, he is also the president of Stanley E. Portny and Associates, LLC, reputable trainer, consultant and presenter. Stanley Portny has a B.S.E.E. degree from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn and E.E. degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. What makes him different from the other experts in PM is that he puts the people in the mere heart of project management, considering them as the most powerful lever that fuels the driving force of the company. He considers the relationships essential and is convinced that without trust and genuineness, we can hardly expect the big progress.

President of Stanley E. Portny and Associates

Stanley Portny long-term experience in project management and his proven expertise led him to establish his own company – Stanley E. Portny and Associates, LLC, based in Randolph, New Jersey. The mission of the company has been built on a basic premise of the humanistic side of the project management. Dealing with the people represents the cornerstone of the company’s philosophy and emphasizes that mastery the people and their skills is fundamental in managing projects. People have to be engaged thoroughly, intellectually, psychologically and emotionally in order to commit themselves to the project and give their best. Stanley E. Portny and Associates offers various training and consulting services that are characterized by its dynamic focus and positive approach. Their list of satisfied clients is very long and includes Hewlett Packard, Bank of Boston, Pearson Technology, Air Force Combat Climatology Center, Alliance Capital Management, Federal Judicial Center, Goldman Sachs and many more.


Through standard programs, Stanley E. Portny offers different modules of training that are: Basic Project Management, Advanced Project Management, Dynamic Project Team Leadership, Building and Sustaining High Performance Project Teams and Project Management Executive Overview. His training methodology includes not only theory, but also practical approach based on real-life projects and situations. According to Portny’s big focus on people and communication, a lot of training work has been unfolding through discussions, and class and group exercises. Apart from standard training, the great part of Portny’s offer represents customized trainings that are tailored by organization specificities and requirements. In order to tailor the course program optimally, Portny makes Pre-training Analysis Day, which helps clients to ensure that the customized course will suit them the best. Through Additional Program Support, Stanley Portny traces the progress of projects in an organization and supports them to use all necessary training techniques.

project-management-for-dummies-logoAuthor and Consultant

Stanley Portny is highly recognized as a presenter that has a unique contact with clients. His consulting skills are based on extremely good relationship with the clients, that enable the client to be thoroughly understood and have their needs addressed. Portny is the acclaimed author of the best-selling book Project Management for Dummies that got very good reviews.

Making the Experts

Stanley Portny continues to share his valuable experience and move the organizations from being more automated, to more human driven. He installs the question-friendly culture in the organization that paves the way to its success. Portny insists on an atmosphere, where the employees feel comfortable and can raise the questions. For him, this is the way to clear up any misunderstandings and prevent the company from the enormous waste of energy. Clients’ testimonials and letters confirm validity of his approach and his amazing skills. Connect with Stanley through his LinkedIn profile.

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