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Overview Presentation

Standuply is a Slack bot that enables teams to run asynchronous standup meetings and polls. Many of today’s teams are geographically distributed and work in different time zones. Daily team meetings where team members communicate the challenges they face to achieve their goals and where they coordinate their efforts have become more difficult to commit to. Standuply automatically sends questions to team members, collect their answers and provides users the ability to see the history and analytics of so called standup meetings.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Scheduled Reports – Standuply is an application that runs on Slack and functions as a digital Scrum Master for Agile teams. Many teams use Slack for standup meetings to save time and be more flexible. With a standup meeting bot, users can run multiple reports on a schedule or asynchronously. They can pick a schedule to run online daily meetings with the team. It can be tied to any time zone or to each member’s local time. At the scheduled standup time, it will reach out to selected people in Slack and ask them with the pre-defined questions. The bot then collects all the answers and prepares a project status report. The reports can be delivered via Slack, direct message, email, or webhook. Team answers can be configured to arrive as separate messages or packed in a thread.
  • Voice/Video Attachments – With this Slack bot, users can attach voice or video messages to the standup reports. By using a slash video (/video) command in Slack, they can send audio or video messages. They can record up to 5 minutes of audio or video message in a browser via a private link from the Slack bot. The recorded message will be uploaded to Standuply, and the link is shared in Slack.
  • Templates, Custom Questions, Agile Charts, Metrics, Integrations, and more – Standuply gives users the option to use pre-defined templates or create their custom questions. It can also be used to track team performance by building Jira burndown chart, project flow diagram and team analytics dashboard. Users can enrich the report with data from Google Analytics, Salesforce, Stripe, and Trello, in one single report.



Standuply offers several plans. The Starter is a free plan that includes for up to 3 active respondents. The price of paid plans depends on the number of respondents. For example, the Standup Bot plan for 3 respondents is priced at $5 per month billed annually ($7 monthly). It includes for unlimited standups, custom questions, video and voice messages, standups history, time zone setting, integration with Giphy, Hunt, Medium, and more. The price becomes $10 per month billed annually for 6 respondents. Higher plans are the Scrum Master at $10 per month billed annually for 4 respondents, and the Program Manager plan at $17 per month billed annually for 5 respondents. Higher plans include more advanced features and support. A 30-day free trial period is offered.

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Target Market

Standuply is ideal for agile teams, startups and product companies on Slack. It is valuable to project or product managers with 5 to 10 team members, especially with remote workers. It helps teams who use Slack for standup meetings.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include IBM, Microsoft, Adobe, eBay, Opera, Spotify, Intuit, Autodesk, Intercom, and Google.



Kwin Kramer stated that Standuply has competely replaced and improved their previous system. It easily lets their team integrate both daily check-ins and quick calls. Using it within Slack, it is easy for everyone to reply quickly.

Bryan Kane stated that the Slack bot made it easy for their team to set up their standup. The reminder messages helps keep everyone accountable. Since using Standuply, other teams have asked them on how they can set it up with their own teams.

Why Standuply

Standuply is the #1 bot in Slack’s App directory. It is a flexible and automated means for holding standup meetings, works nicely with other applications, and can be customized to work in a variety of situations. In 2018, it was serving 650 customers, which they report has now doubled in a year.

Company Info

Standuply is a part of Interweb Lab, a startup studio based in Russia. Standuply was founded in 2016 by Artem Borodin, Head of ; and Alex Kistenev, CEO. During his career, Artem encountered a common problem among Agile teams. They strive to check-in consistently, but sometimes schedules do not match. Standuply aims to be a digital Scrum Master that can effectively help distributed teams, using the Slack platform.


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