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stacy goffJust like the business landscape, project management landscape is changing. Expectations from a project manager ten years ago are totally different from the project manager of today. Project success rates are changing for the better, according to data collected by the Standish Group. Still, less than one-third of all projects were successfully completed on time and on budget in 2012. The Harvard Business reported in 2011 that one in six IT projects has a cost overrun of 200 percent, and in 2012, failed IT projects amounted to loses between $50 and $150 billion to the US economy, states the Gallup Journal. However, Stacy Goff believes that with the proper PM learning, products and services, a world in which all projects succeed is a conceivable one.

Introducing Stacy Goff, PM Per4mance Coach

Stacy Goff, PMP, is a veteran project manager of 15 years for the state of Oregon before becoming the Principal and current President of ProjectExperts that started in 1982. It is a consultancy that offers PM learning experiences, products, services and its signature PM Per4mance Coaching, which is intended to improve and increase Personal, Project, Program and Portfolio Management Performance, the 4 Ps of PM Per4mance. Considered a pioneering consultancy and training company with 32 years of service history, it has helped corporations, government agencies, enterprises, SMBs, and other PM consultancies with its learning experiences, methodologies, assessments, competency models, and other tools and services to increase competencies and improve performance.

Founder and President of asapm

In 2001, Stacy Goff founded the American Society for the Advancement of Project Management. It is the USA member association of the IPMA. Mr. Goff is IPMA Level D, and is instrumental in outlining the vision, mission, goal, objectives and actions to be taken by the Society. He shares with the asapm his vision of a world in which all projects succeed. With a well-defined mission of collecting, documenting, developing and freely sharing, among others, effective project and program management practices, it is the goal of the asapm to mainstream PM as a core competence in all professions. The result will be an ever increasing performance in human welfare and societal change.

Vice-President, IPMA; PMI Contributor

Stacy Goff is the Vice President of Marketing and Events of the IPMA, and simultaneously is the USA representative to the Association. Mr. Goff’s responsibilities include public relations, visibility, audience analysis, coordination, coaching and assuring the events of the Association highlight the latest and most relevant researcher, academic and practitioner achievements in the field of project, program and portfolio management. He has also co-founded a local PMI chapter, participated in the development of the PMI’s Project Manager Competency Development Framework and wrote Chapter 9 of the PMI’s Project Management Circa 2025 book.

International PM Keynote Speaker, Author

Stacy Goff has been invited for speaking engagements and workshops in many countries across six continents. Venues have included World Congresses, national events and regional symposia. His audience includes executives, managers, project managers and leaders, technical staff and team members. He has contributed pages to Germany’s Project Communication, a four-volume reference used in the assessment and development of project and program managers in Germany. He also co-authored and published THE Guide, a combined IT PM and System Solution Delivery methodology that serves as a framework for developing repeatable processes, improving competence, and increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

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Pioneering project management performance improvement

A project success-related article reported that 50 percent of all PMOs close within three years. A North American university study also reported that 33 percent of projects fail because of a lack of involvement from senior management. Interestingly, the Standish Group study reported that the single most important factor that improved project success rate is the increase in competency of the executive sponsor. Stacy Goff and ProjectExperts has focused on PM performance and competency improvement for more than three decades and they continue to do so through increased managerial accountability, results-oriented learning, proven methods like the Co-pilot and MinProj, PMO enhancement, and improved portfolio planning, management, and reporting. Learn more about Stacy through his Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

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