Spring 2014 Intervals Updates and New Features

intervalsSpring has always been the perfect season for new things to come out. At the end of the first quarter of 2014, the busy team behind Intervals is bringing out its latest update and software features for everyone to make use of. These enhancements further strengthen the integration of time tracking with task and project management, all available via the web. The improvements cover a wide area, from quick searches, bigger storage, faster performance, and more.

Find and add time to a specific task

The time tracking feature of Intervals has allowed companies to track the progress of projects in real-time, improve profit margins, and learn more about the business simply by knowing where valuable time is going. Even in the past, the software allows the user to start a general timer not associated with any task. Although time-task association is preferable, associating a timer with a task can become problematic when there are hundreds of tasks to choose from. This latest update allows a user to quickly search a task when adding time just by typing a keyword. A list will appear containing matching results, and the user can select the appropriate task.

intervals search task by keyword

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Unlimited document storage and more

Intervals has become the central place of work for many companies where they not only track their time but also keep the documents they work on. As more companies rely on the time tracking and project management software, users are asking for more online storage space to keep their files and access them wherever they are. As such, the new Unlimited Plan at a monthly fee of $249 provides not only unlimited document storage but also unlimited active projects, users, clients, contacts, invoices and more.

intervals new unlimited plan

Additional personalization

Intervals online time tracking and project management software is currently being used in over a hundred countries. It supports more than 60 non US locales, which means it has support of international currency and date & time formats. The interface is always in English but it has character support for Unicode characters. Two most recent additions to personalization are Vietnamese and Croatian locales. These can be configured on the Settings and Defaults menu, then the Options tab.

intervals vietnam croatia locales

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New Help site and support videos

Intervals has launched a new Help site to provide users the answers to common questions. Seven years worth of content from support email, blogs and forum discussions has been organized and published at help.myintervals.com. The site is still a work in progress, and answers to new questions will be posted here. At the same time, new support videos have been recorded to provide users instructions on how to set up their account, how to generate reports or how to analyze their data. Other topics covered by the videos are project management overview, settings and defaults, default modules and work types.

intervals new help site

The perfect blend of time tracking and project management

Aside from these new features and improvements, the Intervals team also has worked on enhancements to speed up the performance of the software. For this specific update, the team concentrated on speeding up database performance, so that data comes back to the user faster. And with the addition of unlimited document storage, there was also the need to update document storage servers. Aside from improving the inside, Intervals also believes it is a part of a bigger community, and for the sixth year, it has partnered with 1% for the Planet to give generous donations for worthy causes. Follow Intervals on their social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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