SpikedParenting – The Mompreneur’s Ultimate Guide To Crushing It

More and more, women have been starting and owning businesses. Most of the time, it was small scale and part-time, since many have to balance the demands between life and work. In fact, this is the main challenge that every woman has to face, having to balance giving birth and raising children with their professional lives. Other challenges they face include limitations in the workforce, personal responsibilities, and a market that does not meet their needs.

Despite these challenges, however, a recent US business council study showed that women-owned business are rising, growing 45 percent between 2007 and 2016. Moreover, women now are the sole source of income in 40 percent of all US households. Although the picture is looking better, obstacles remain for most of them. And in this situation, getting help from Brianna Berner’s SpikedParenting is a clincher.

Introducing SpikedParenting

SpikedParenting.com is a site dedicated to mom entrepreneurs (aka “mompreneurs”) trying to cope with work-life balance, goal-setting, organization and other productivity challenges. The site is founded by Brianna Brenner, a mother, professional organizer, and productivity coach from Pen Argyl, PA, USA. She is dedicated to helping busy moms get more organized, be more productive, and be introduced to systems and products that will bring order to all aspects of their lives. SpikedParenting offers several products, services, and free resources, including powerful articles from her blog.

First Step to Productivity

Mompreneurs can boost their productivity with the different products and services offered wherever they are in their particular journey. The first step that they can do is to figure out what they should be focusing their time and energy on. The Ultimate Goal Crusher’s Workshop Series is a free 5-day workshop where participants can learn the one simple thing that sets them apart from the crowd. In this workshop, they will also learn the secret to getting more done with the few hours they have, how to turn the to-do list to an action plan, and much more. During the workshop, they will also get a step-by-step workbook, a printable planner, worksheets, a how-to video, and a short email every morning from Brianna.

Get Organized, Get Things Done

SpikedParenting can also help mom entrepreneurs get more organized and find that needed structure. They will be able to organize their physical stuff as well as their digital information in their computer. Participants can start with her free 5-day Organizing Challenge, or the free home organizing training to declutter the home, read about organization blog articles, or take the comprehensive home organization and transformation course. The productivity site also offers a 3-day Get Shit Done Challenge that allows participants to create a system to get important stuff done, to work on things that matter, and to handle the rest of the stuff on their to-do list.

How to Trello Like A Boss Course

Here at PMCom, we are all about project management tools, tips, and techniques. And we are glad to see an affordable video course that will teach mompreneurs use a familiar software, Trello,  to enable them to systematically keep track of their business, promotions, and family matters. The course is called How to Trello Like a Boss. The course is divided into two major topics, and includes 14 videos that run up to an hour.

Another course offered is a comprehensive time management course titled Be the Boss of your Time. The course is divided into 7 modules, and includes 102 videos, 12 PDF documents, 2 multimedia and 1 text document. The course will help the participants learn all that they need to know to get important things done through an effective time management system.

Helping #motherhustlers build the life they love

According to the National Women Business Council study, one of the main obstacles that women entrepreneurs faces today is the need for mentors. Positive role models can provide inspiration and guidance. But with media focused more on male entrepreneurs, women look for motivation that can come from women mentors to inspire them in their business. SpikedParenting is a site dedicated to woman entrepreneurs that completely understands their challenges and requirements.

For more information, those interested can also check the SpikedParenting Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ page.

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