Smartsheet Update: Smartsheet for JIRA


The popular and diverse software, JIRA, has a new capability – thanks to Smartsheet. This tracking tool for bugs, issues and workflow functions for IT and software development projects is now one with Smartsheet. The shortcoming, and often times a problem, that comes with JIRA is that it does not provide a desired understanding of the work done on a project. Now it does! To enable precise project development, Smartsheet for JIRA provides that in-depth knowledge for IT and Software development projects. As a result of this new feature, visibility is improved, team collaboration is increased, and comprehension is improved with a customisable view.

Smartsheet for JIRA or JIRA for Smartsheet?

As mentioned, Smartsheet for JIRA keeps users on the same page. It takes you to the next level of visibility, collaboration and viewing capability. Visibility is clearer in the sense that the data in Smartsheet and JIRA are synchronized ‚Äì keeping everyone up to date. Collaboration is expedited as stakeholders can provide their input concerning issues in JIRA and Smartsheet. Furthermore, adjust the view in Smartsheet concerning the fields you wish to see in JIRA. It’s all about collaboration, communication and synchronization to the highest level possible to create that fabulous deliverable.


To learn more with an example, watch this 1-minute video about Smartsheet for JIRA.

Wrap up

Connect with this new feature with ease. There is no requirement to create other accounts or passwords an administrator needs to simply register a JIRA Software Service or JIRA Software Cloud in Smartsheet. Prevent an inundation of emails with Smartsheet for JIRA: a new way to communicate clearly and concisely.


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