Smartsheet: New Find & Replace, Auto-tracked Web Forms

smartsheet logoSmartsheet online project management software continues to improve user experience and increase efficiency for its customers in how they track and manage their work. Some time ago, it has enabled users to send update requests quickly and add Gantt and calendar views in their reports for greater collaborative work management. Recently, it has released enhancements that save time when updating text in sheets and when collecting information from web forms. Thus, users can spend more time getting work that matters done.

Find and Replace within a Sheet

Smartsheet online project management solution helps project managers structure plans, mobilize resources, support execution, hold people accountable and track milestones, among others. When faced with a great amount of information, updating text can consume valuable time that may be spend on more important matters. The latest release allows users to quickly find text and update it, whether using a PC or Mac platform. The new Find and Replace feature allows users to put in a text that may correspond to a task or date, and then replace it with updated information in one or all occurrences.

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To use this feature on a PC, just click together the Ctrl and F keys. For those using Mac, it will be the Cmd and F keys. This Find and Replace feature works for sheets and reports. Users can find a particular name of a resource, for instance, and replace it with the name of a person who replaces that resource. Another use can be to find a previously used template and use Find and Replace to change the dates to the current year.

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Track Web Form Responses

Smartsheet project management software has the Web Forms feature to help users collect and act on their data easily. These forms are easy to create and customize. They can be used for collecting any kind of information and is great for surveys, feedback or request management. The recent release enables those who created the forms to automatically track names or emails without requiring them to type these details. Now available to Teams and Enterprise plan customers, it is possible to require users to log in first to Smartsheet. Therefore, every user form entry or web response is identified and marked with an email address of a registered user.

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A benefit of this auto-tracking is that users are not required to type in their names or email address on the form itself. If a user is already logged in, he or she can enter information to Web Forms immediately. If not, the user will be asked to log in first, and then be directed to the Web Form. If the user does not have a Smartsheet account, signing up will be required first, and the email confirmation link will direct the user to the Set Password screen, then directed to the form. To require log in before Web Form entry, the user should go to Form Options when creating a web form, and on the right side, under the Accessible By section, select the option that requires login.

Automating Processes, Reducing Manual Entry

Smartsheet’s new features aim to eliminate the need for extra manual work. There will be improvements and fixes along the way. For example, the Find and Replace feature does not work yet on discussion text, attachment names and descriptions, or in hidden texts. This release, however, also fixed 63 bugs and other customer-reported issues. To learn more about the latest updates, visit their Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or Twitter page.



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