Smartsheet – Hangouts Chat Integration Combines Work And Conversation

Smartsheet provides teams a cloud-based platform that helps them manage work collaboratively. Without collaboration, enterprises and organizations lose their competitive edge with their information scattered and isolated in silos. A 2017 Collaboration Report by the company showed that organizations are strategically thinking about and investing on collaboration tools that will enable them to move work seamlessly across the organization, and beyond it with customers and partners. According to the report, IT decision makers consider Google as among the companies that deliver the most value to their organization with collaboration tools.

Announcing Smartsheet for Hangouts Chat

In light of this, Smartsheet is proud to announce Smartsheet for Hangouts Chat integration. Hangouts Chat allows users to chat directly with a co-worker or with an entire team at once. The integration essentially combines work and chat, so that teams can get more work done right inside their conversations. For example, teams that use Hangouts Chat for real-time communication can receive and reply to Smartsheet notifications, requests, and reminders without leaving the app. Any change in Smartsheet, sharing notifications, update requests, approval requests, or reminders, can be delivered to Hangouts Chat. Moreover, the message recipient can can respond to the request or set a reminder using the chat app, or click the ‚ÄòView in Smartsheet’ button for more details.

Requests and Notifications

Users can choose where they would like to receive their requests and notifications. They can receive it by email or mobile push. Also, they can receive them directly in Hangouts Chat. There are several advantages in this setting that maximizes the combination of work and communication. First, they can execute on update requests and approval requests. For instance, a manager can approve budget requests or submit update requests from the Smartsheet chat window in Hangouts Chat. Also, they can set a reminder to take action at a later time.

Collaborate Effectively

Communicating with multiple stakeholders is easier with this integration. When colleagues, partners, and other stakeholders set their notification preferences in Smartsheet, the project manager can be sure that his or her notifications, automated update requests, and automated approval requests will be delivered to them as they have set up their preferences. This also means that there is no need to copy-paste messages between different apps, or constantly write and wait on email to keep everyone updated.

How to get started

To configure Hangouts Chat to receive Smartsheet alerts and requests, the first thing to do is to connect the 2 apps. In Hangouts Chat, go to the ‚ÄòFind people, rooms, bots’ search bar and type Smartsheet. Select the Smartsheet bot, which will automatically start a conversation. In the chat window, click ‚ÄòAllow Access’ for authorization. When prompted, sign in to your Smartsheet account, and click ‚ÄòAllow.’ If successful, the bot will send a “You’re all set up!’ message.

Smartsheet + G Suite

In the 2017 report, about 1000 US IT decision makers were surveyed. Most respondents consider collaboration apps as essential to compete effectively. In detail, about 84 percent believed that if a company has not deployed a collaboration app, they are at a competitive disadvantage. Google Hangouts Chat is just one of the 15+ secure integrations by Smartsheet and G Suite. They also include single sign-on, Contacts import for easy sharing, Drive for attaching files to sheets, and Gmail for keeping track of important emails.

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