Several novelties and improvements in Abak 360 May 2014 Release

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abak-logoSeveral novelties and improvements appear in our new version of Abak 360 which has been released in May 2014. Those updates have been mainly brought to Abak Web, our online application which operates together with our Abak Classic (the Windows based application).

Main Novelties

1. Draft invoices: it is now possible, directly from the web version, to generate draft invoices based on logged transactions (timesheets and expenses).


2. Batch invoicing: once draft invoices have been checked and approved, invoices can be generated in batches in Abak Web.


3. Invoices generated in Abak Web can be printed or sent by email in PDF format.

4. All types of transactions (time and expenses) can now be approved not only in the resource module, but also at the project level.

5. It is now possible to take pictures of documents with your smart phone (IOS or Android) and to join them to a timesheet or an expense entry in Abak Mobile, our application for smart phones users.

Secondary Improvements

1. The agenda in Abak Web has been improved and relooked.

2. In addition to the possibility of adding documents  in Abak Web, it is now possible to manage documents, that is to say for instance zip those which are not relevant anymore, remove them from the module where they were in Abak and store them at another location .

3. Document management: possibility to add documents to a timesheet, a project phase, or a draft invoice


4. When a user wishes to transfer transactions from a project to another one, it is now possible to lock both source and target projects rather than locking up the whole  transaction  transfer module.

5. Two new improved versions of Transactions List report have been inserted in both in both Abak Classic and Abak Web.

6. For fixed price projects it is now possible to allow limitation on work in progress on billable balance in both Abak Classic and Abak Web.

7. Possibility to prevent logging transactions in Abak Web beyond a given date .

8. The old Abak logo has been replaced by the new logo of Abak 360 in both Abak Classic and Abak Web.

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